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A staple for everyday and professional tasks: Keeping together what you want to keep together!

Leitz staples stand for high-quality, and can be used with any staplers or stapling pliers. Whether you need to staple just a few sheets or up to 120 pages together, our product range is up to any challenge. At Leitz, we offer durable equipment as well as an assortment of premium quality staples.

Stapling, punching, filing – with stapler accessories from Leitz

Not everything is done and completed digitally, so you can always count on well-made staplers and stapling pliers to keep your documents together at home and at work. No matter how high your paper mountains reach, Leitz has innovative stapler accessories and organisation solutions for you – from big lever arch files to small staples made of galvanised steel.

A brief guide to the Leitz staple

Did you know that some of the information about staples is hidden within the type of description? The first digit stands for the wire thickness, and the rule of thumb here is - the smaller, the tougher! The second digit tells you all about the leg length and also provides an indication on the amount of 80-gram-sheets that can be stapled. The 24/6 staple is offered in different units. Regardless of the stapler manufacturer, this type of staple can be used with all standardised staplers. This makes it quite clear that the Leitz 23/15XL staple is hiding a true powerhouse!

One staple fits them all

No matter if you use a stapler, an electric stapler, a super stapler or a heavy-duty stapler, here is where you’ll find your staple supplies, from the 24/6 staple, which keeps together up to 30 sheets to staple cartridges for special staplers and the 23/15XL staple which can permanently staple up to 120 sheets. You can order these and many more high-quality products online from one of our stockists.