The Best Office Organisation Tools You Need for 2022


The Best Office Organisation Tools You Need for 2022

If you’re struggling with clutter in your office, the new year is the perfect time to finally get your workspace organised. With a properly organised office, you’ll be able to work much more efficiently, with your tools and documents always to hand but correctly stored away when you don’t need them. You’ll also find you’re more motivated when you have a calm environment to work in, and able to be much more productive when there’s less mess. But to do that, you need the right tools.

If your New Year’s resolution for 2022 is to get your office and work life more organised, these are the tools you’ll need.

Glass Notepad

If you’re aiming to live more sustainably this year, you could try swapping out your paper notepads for something reusable, like the Leitz Cosy Glass Desk Notepad. If you need more space for your notes, the Leitz Cosy Glass Desktop Easel is the perfect solution, with the same wipeable and reusable surface, but with an A4 space for writing.

Not only are the glass notepads better for the environment than paper, but they can also help you to keep more organised as you work. Your notes and reminders will sit on the desk directly in front of you as you work, so they’ll always be in your eyeline. However, unlike post-it notes, which can get very messy and distracting, this sleek glass notepad will be easy on the eye, and you can simply wipe away your notes when you no longer need them.




The key to an efficient and organised office is to make sure you have the right office storage for your needs. With your office stationery and documents stored in their right place, you can stop your office from becoming a junk room and work in a calm and coordinated environment. Not only will this help you to work more efficiently, as you’ll always know where to find what you need, but you’ll also find it easier to stay focused on the task at hand.

Leitz Click & Store Cosy Storage Boxes come in three different sizes, including the large storage box which can store A3 and other sizeable items, the medium storage box suitable for A4 documents and smaller items, and the cube storage box which fits neatly into most cube shelving units, like Ikea’s Kallax range. These boxes are ideal for storing all kinds of items in your office, helping you to stay organised.

Or if you need support organising paperwork at home, Leitz Archive Storage Boxes are ideal for home file storage. Available for both A4 document archiving and A3 document archiving, these storage boxes are strong and rigid, yet lightweight for easy handling. They perfectly fit the contents of most 75/80mm binders and have space for labelling, so you can keep your filing better organised.

Mobile Carry Box

To keep your office tools tidy either at home or in the office the Leitz Cosy Storage Carry Box is the perfect solution. With various sizes of compartments, a lid to keep things looking tidy, and a reinforced aluminium handle, the Cosy Storage Carry Box will help you to keep all your working belongings organised. It’s also ideal hot desking, so you can easily transport your office tools to your workspace and tidy them way at the end of the day. Or you can keep your tools organised and tidy if you’re working from home and don’t have a dedicated home office. The Carry Box is super versatile and can also act as desk storage or as an office cupboard organiser.

Paper Shredder

You can help keep your office organised with a paper shredder ensuring all confidential documents that are no longer needed are properly disposed of. Rather than keeping paper with details on it that you no longer need, and also potentially risking a data breach, a paper shredder will ensure you can free up space in your office for document storage and also comply with GDPR.

Leitz IQ Paper Shredders include a range of paper shredders for every size of office. They’ve been designed for both performance and style, working quietly to minimise distractions so you can focus on your work with no distractions. They also feature cutting options for optimum security, and anti-jam technology so you won’t have to waste time clearing paper jams.  



Desk Organiser

If you’re looking for desk organisation ideas, you need the Leitz Desk Organiser. This sleek and premium quality desk organiser can hold all those everyday tools that you need to hand, but still keep them tidy. It also features a Qi inductive charger for your smartphone or other devices that support wireless charging, so you can make sure your devices are always powered up and ready to go when you need them.

For desk storage, the Leitz Cosy Drawer Cabinet is the perfect solution. With a minimalist design that seamlessly fits into every interior style, it features two sizes of drawers to store all our items from pens to cables, to notebooks. With the Drawer Cabinet, you can keep an organised desk, free from clutter and distractions.

Suspension Filing

For the ultimate efficient document filing, you need suspension filing systems. Suspension filing is ideal for space-saving vertical filing and also for those documents that you need stored but will also need to access from time to time.

For your drawers, archive boxes, or filing trolley, the Leitz Alpha Recycle Card Suspension File offers a neat solution to your document storage, making all your documents properly organised. The files have space for labels, so you can easily find and access what you need whenever you need it, and always know exactly where it should go when you’re done. These suspension files are made from 100% recycled card, are 100% recyclable and even Co2 neutral, so you can improve your office and also the environment.



Glass Wall Clock

If you struggle to keep your timekeeping organised, the Leitz Cosy Silent Glass Wall Clock will be a fantastic addition for your office. The minimalist design comes in our three Cosy colours, so you can mix and match with the entire Cosy range and create a vibrant and organised working environment. The clock is silent, so you won’t have any disturbances from ticking and can concentrate on your work.

The glass clock also comes with a dry-wipe pen, so you can add your notes, reminders, and appointments onto the clock itself. You’ll never be late for a meeting again, as you’ll know exactly what time you need to be there.


Leitz has a huge range of home office essentials to assist with your home office organisation, including storage solutions, filing equipment, and stationery tools. Get your office organised today so you can work more efficiently, with Leitz.


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