Can You Use Technology to Improve Your Home Office?


Can You Use Technology to Improve Your Home Office?

If you have a home office, you probably already have the basics– a computer, a desk, somewhere to sit. But are you equipped with the best home office gadgets? What practical tools do you need so you can work more efficiently?

Whether you’re looking to improve your home office or you want some advice before setting up a home office for remote work, below is some of the best technology to enhance your home working.



Laptop Stand

If you work with a laptop at home, a laptop stand is a must. Typically, when you’re working on a laptop on your desk, the screen won’t be in the right position and you’ll have to hunch over to view it properly. A laptop stand can bring your laptop to your eye-line, so you can maintain the correct posture whilst you work.

The Leitz Ergo Cosy Adjustable Laptop Stand has an ergonomic design to maximise your comfort, with four different heights so you can personalise it to your requirements. It’s lightweight and folds away easily when it’s not in use, so it’s ideal if you’re hybrid working between home and your workplace, or if you’re hot desking. It’s stable and secure, and even has a cooling mechanism to promote airflow around your laptop.

Wireless Mouse

A wireless mouse is a great addition to your home office, as you’ll be able to instantly work wherever you need to. You’ll also be able to adjust your position throughout the day so you can work most comfortably, without having to grapple with wires and cables. A wireless mouse is also a must-have if you use a laptop stand, so you won’t have to strain your wrists to reach the trackpad.

The Leitz Cosy Wireless Mouse has a minimalist design and inviting matte finish, so it can easily fit into your home office décor. It comes in our three Cosy colours, so you can mix and match with our other Cosy office accessories. Not only that but it has precision tracking on any surface and has security and personalisation options so you can really make sure it completely suits your working style.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

When you’re working from home, you could be faced with more distractions, with other people in the house or noisy neighbours. The solution is to add a pair of noise-cancelling headphones to your home office tech. Noise-cancelling headphones will dampen the sound in your environment, so you can better focus on your work and your meetings.  

The Kensington Headphones with Mic and Volume Control is a comfortable and durable headset that produces high-quality sound. With the added mic they’re perfect for video calls and virtual meetings, so you’ll always be heard. They also feature a safe listening limit, so you won’t ever have to worry about causing damage to your hearing whilst you use them.


A paper shredder might not be first on your list for your home office setup, but it can be an invaluable tool. Not only can it help you securely destroy documents for work, but you can also use it for your personal admin. For work, you can make sure you’re adhering to GDPR even when working from home, by ensuring confidential documents are properly disposed of. For your personal use, you can ensure that any document with your personal information is appropriately destroyed, rather than putting these documents straight into the bin.

Leitz has both automatic and manual paper shredders so you can pick what is right for your requirements. All our shredders are stylish and discreet enough to fit in with your home office furniture. They work quietly so you can maintain a calm working environment, and they’re reliable, with anti-jam technology.



Wireless Charger

A wireless charger is an essential addition to your work from home office. By keeping your phone on the wireless charger, you can make sure it’s close by to take calls and always fully charged and ready to go. Plus, you won’t have to mess around with wires, unplugging your phone when you need to use it and plugging it back in again when you’re done. Simply place your phone on the wireless charger and let it automatically charge.

The Leitz Cosy QI Wireless Charger comes in our three stylish Cosy colours, with a minimalist design to complement your home office interior. Or you can combine organisation with charging, with the Leitz WOW Desk Organiser with Inductive Charger. This contemporary desk organiser has a QI charging section for your phone or other wireless charging devices. Both Leitz chargers are energy efficient, so will stop charging once your device reaches 100% battery. 



Storage Solutions

Finding clever storage solutions is a sure-fire way to improve your work from home office setup. Leitz has a number of ways you can organise your home office, including our Cosy Drawer Cabinet which is perfect for your documents and smaller items, like pens and notebooks. We also have the Cosy Storage Carry Box which is great for both home working and hot desking in the office. Just pack up your essentials and take them with you. Both storage solutions come in our three Cosy colours, so you can mix and match with the entire Cosy range.

We have a number of letter trays, whether you need one, two, or three levels to organise your documents. Our Cosy Letter Tray with Desk Organiser is great if you’re short on space and don’t want to lose too much desk space. The extra tray is perfect for storing your tablet, phone, and other daily necessities.

We also have a huge range of files and storage boxes, so you can find the storage solution that you need for your home office.



Desk Lamp

Home office lighting is essential to keeping you focused and also reducing eye strain and headaches working from home. This is particularly important in the winter months when it starts getting darker earlier in the day. With the right desk lamp, you can comfortably keep working any time of day.

The Leitz Style Smart LED Desk Lamp is much more than just your standard lamp. It has automatic dimming with an integrated light sensor that adjusts the brightness for each type of task you undertake. You can use an app on your phone to make personalised light templates or to just make adjustments as you need. It’s even energy-saving, so it will automatically switch on and off as you enter the connection zone. The sleek design will fit into every home office setup and the lamp head can be adjusted to the height you need.

Leitz has a huge range of home office tech that can improve your home office, including storage solutions, office tools, and workstation ergonomics. Take a look at our home office ideas for inspiration for your work from home setup.

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