Chargeurs, batteries & câbles pour appareils mobiles

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Charged and perfectly organized with a power bank by Leitz

Gone are the days when your computer and your phone were the only gadgets on your desk. The modern workplace is now the home of many other mobile devices. With our desk stands, chargers and multichargers you keep everything under control so you can work efficiently, in the office or on the move.

Stylish and handy: optimum cable management

At Leitz, you’re sure to discover the power bank that suits your needs. Choose from our selection of desk stands, multichargers or portable phone chargers. The simple design and hidden cables help create an orderly workplace. Hidden within our multichargers is the answer to keeping messy cables at bay. Simply wind each cable on a detachable reel so you can quickly find and remove the cable you need.

Charging stations for a well-organised workplace

Our USB chargers for tablets and smartphones can do so much more than just charging batteries. A Leitz charging station provides power for up to four mobile devices at the same time. This ensures that your computer, phone, tablet, smartphone and iPod are all within easy reach at any time. For your comfort and convenience, all devices are still fully functional while charging, and can be set up with a perfect viewing angle for reading and writing.

Charging on the move, no socket needed with a mobile power bank

Even without access to a socket, you won’t have to go without a fully charged battery. A portable power bank is the perfect power supply on the move. Why don’t you move your desk outside? A mobile USB charger can be taken anywhere!

Powering and working, fast and easy

From your iPhone or tablet to your MP3 player, every device needs its own charger. Save on space and leave all your iphone chargers and USB chargers at home with one handy power bank by Leitz. Order now!