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Nice and tidy: with office desk accessories by Leitz

As we work, paper and other things pile up on our desks. To help maximise your desk space for precious filing and work space, Leitz offers high-quality office accessories. From pencil pots, suspension filing units, drawer cabinets and archive boxes with lids, we’ve sorted out storage for everything from a smartphone charger to a stapler.

Office desk accessories: Organising your work space!

Here at Leitz, we design high-quality desk accessories to make your everyday life easier and simpler. Choose from staplers and customisable spine labels for your folders and many more items from our extensive product range.

Functionality and a stylish look and feel go hand in hand at Leitz. Our Soft Touch surfaces feel fantastic under your fingertips, and nothing will shift or fall off your desk.

Sorting and interim archiving – for more room on your desk

Accessories can do more than just look nice, they also help create an organised, comprehensive filing system that stays out of sight from colleagues and clients. Leitz supports you with professional desktop sets along with stackable and transportable suspension filing boxes for a well organised archive or desk shelf. The Plus range by Leitz has been designed for practical use and also complements many other organisers.

Order Leitz office desk accessories today for a functional, smart work space!