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June 2016
  Back to School is near!

The end of summer is always an exciting time – everyone is getting ready to go back to school! And there’s so much to do before then.

From buying school supplies to organizing a new desk set that helps you stay on top of new projects and deadlines at work. From organizing extra-curricular school activities to scheduling meetings, briefings and presentations, it’s a busy time for all!

It’s no surprise they’ll be using some of your office supplies, or perhaps you’ll be using some of theirs!

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  Leitz fits in every classroom and every office…!

…and we look good in both! Show off the stylish Leitz WOW Cube - stylish, durable storage that perfectly sits on any office or home desktop, for documents and homework! In addition, work and school supplies stay perfectly organised and within reach thanks to the easy-glide drawers that not only feature your selected colour, but also hold a stopper function to prevent them from sliding out. 

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The WOW C&S Range takes organisation to a whole new fun and fashionable level. The contemporary designs in a selection of vibrant colours look great everywhere, but that’s not all - the laminated surface make them perfect to survive coffee spills, as well as juice, water…long-lasting protection for all documents, homework and files! They keep like new. 

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  Leitz Style LAF

Finally, for organisation you can carry everywhere; why not use Leitz 180º Level Arch File; as a best-selling Leitz product, it has proven again and again that it delivers in both protecting files and subject notes thanks to its unique material cover, and being easy to carry everywhere. If you want a more grown-up option for the school year supplies, this is it!   

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