USB-C to USB-A(F) 3.1 Charging Data Adapter 0,15m Leitz Complete

Charge and sync your USB-A enabled devices with USB-C outlets. Connection between any USB-A flash drive, hard disk drive, keyboard, mouse or other standard USB-A devices and USB-C devices (Macbook 2015 and newer, Pixel C and more).
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Compatible with all devices with a USB-C connector like Macbook 2015 and newer, Chromebook Pixel C, Nokia N1, Lenovo Zuk Z1, OnePlus 3, Samsung Galaxy Note 7, LG G5, HTC 10 USB-C Charger and future USB-C devices

Connection between any USB-C device (Macbook 2015 and newer, Pixel C, Samsung Galaxy Note7, LG G5) and a flash drive, keyboard, mouse or other standard USB-A devices

Ultra-fast Data Sync (up to 5 Gbps). Fast charging output up to 3A.

Latest USB standard 3.1

Compact and reversible, USB-C connectors, there is no "up" and "down" side, it can be pluged in eather way

0.15 meter length


Code 63370001
Color White
Material ABS, TPE (rubber parts)
Dimensions 90 x 160 x 25
USB Connections USB-C to USB-A(F)
Use For USB-C enabled devices like newest Macbook, Nexus 6P, Nokia N1, LG G5, Chromebook Pixel and mouse, keyboard, thumb drive, iPhone, iPad, iPod
Weight 0.01