Leitz Cosy Stapler 30 sheets

Make yourself at home wherever your working day takes you with the Cosy Range from Leitz. With it's minimalist design and inviting matt finish colours, you can add style and colour to your workspace. The Cosy Stapler is a sturdy and reliable 30 sheet paper stapler with patented Direct Impact Technology ensuring perfect results every time. This premium quality office stapler is the perfect addition to your home or office to ensure you stay relaxed and productive all day.

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  • Strong and durable stapler for stapling up to 30 sheets of paper (80 gsm)
  • Patented Direct Impact Technology ensures effortless and accurate stapling every time
  • Switch the anvil between open and closed stapling using the push-button function
  • Open staples can be easily removed and are ideal for temporarily fixing paper documents
  • Compatible with Leitz Power Performance P3 (24/6 and 26/6) staples, also works with Leitz white staples which are invisible when photocopied
  • Easy staple front loading technology at the touch of a button
  • For best results use with Leitz Power Performance P3 staples with always sharp edges which come included with the stapler
  • Covered by a 10 year guarantee when using Leitz staples
  • Plastic free packaging
  • The Cosy Range from Leitz combines home style comfort with premium quality to create a positive and productive work environment


Warm Yellow
Metal with plastic housing, metal mechanical parts
Dimensions (W x H x D mm)
40 x 62 x 147
Includes 200 P3 (24/6) staples
Capacity of Stapling
3 mm/30 sheets (80 gsm paper)
10 year guarantee when using Leitz staples
Type of Staples
100x P3 (24/6) or 140x P3 (26/6)
Type of Stapling
Open and closed
Loading Mechanism
Spring loading

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