Desktop Staplers

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Conquer paper mountains: With a Leitz stapler and Leitz accessories

Whatever needs to be held together, you can always count on our premium quality. As specialists for office and desk organization, we offer over 100 models of desktop staplers, from a standard tacker to an innovative longarm stapler that will help you staple brochures. You’ll find them all!

No more bent staples – thanks to strong staplers

Work is easy when you can count on durable and reliable office supplies - this is what Leitz stands for. From the locking mechanisms in binders to the tacker, we provide a 10-year warranty if our staplers are used with our staples. Leitz Direct Impact Technology is a coordinated combination that ensures no jamming, saving you time and money whilst sparing your nerves! 

Attractive designs: a stapler as a desktop accessory!

A Leitz stapler is functional and looks good too. Whether you choose a model from the business-style NeXXt office staplers or a hole punch-and-stapler set from our WOW range in catwalk colours or retro chic, high-quality design and reliable stapling performance makes organising those odds and ends easy.

One stapler for all kinds of stapling

No matter how you use yours, there are different tacker models for you. For your everyday stapling in the office or at home, you’re sure to find the perfect stapler from our desktop models. For bigger jobs, our professional office staplers easily manage up to 40 pages. Many can also be easily switched to nail stapling or open stapling with an integrated staple remover on hand. On the other hand, a refined flat stapling technique is ideal for saving space in packed binders. Check out our selection tool on the left-hand side to find the model to suit your needs.

Stylish office stapler, electronic stapler or the 120-sheet super stapler?

Of course, Leitz also offers the right tools for extraordinary challenges. Our electronic stapler can be used with one hand and without any force and our special tacker is designed for constant use – ideal for print shops. Flat stapling up to 120 sheets like a professional has never been so easy. Order online from our partner stockists and get right on it thanks to enclosed staples.