Desktop Hole Punches

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Precise hole punching – any time, anywhere from Leitz

Paper can soon stack up and get out of control, so making sure you organise and file it all away will keep you on top of things. Of course, our famous lever arch files will help you on your way, but we also know a thing or two about hole punches! Whether it's for home use for keeping important documents together or for heavy duty jobs around the office, Leitz has a hole punch for you. You’ll find them in different formats, from A6 to A2, for quick, clean punching jobs.

Find a suitable Leitz hole punch for a range of folder formats

Leitz offers a great paper punch range for any task, from standard-sized for two sharp holes or a strong 4-hole punch. The Leitz NeXXt series of hole punches is available in fun colours with an ergonomic grip and integrated guide bar for perfect alignment of every sheet. Whilst our Leitz Super Hole Punch effortlessly punches up to 250 pages thanks to Powersave technology. We provide a hole punch for every job!

If you often work across different international formats, we recommend our Leitz AKTO Variable Multi Hole Punch. This 'one size fits all' hole punch has all your punching needs covered, from an American format with 3 holes to Swedish with 4 holes and other European with 2. Up to A2 format, the hole punch comes equipped with smart, adjustable clips and a scale bar with clever indicators.

Well-designed components for a sharp, durable hole punch

Designed with long-lasting quality, Leitz products make filing and organising easier. Guaranteed results with considered extras.

Built-in guide and scale bars along with ultra-sharp punches make sure that results are always on point. Integrated, easy-to-empty hinged waste boxes keep paper bits from making a mess.

Sustainability is important to us; that's why we also offer replacement parts for punches – from guide bars to individual cutters. Find whatever you need online to give an older hole punch a new lease of life!

Leitz hole punch accessories

Chaos is a thing of the past with the Leitz’s selection of lever arch files, staplers and hole punches - staying organised is simple. We pay attention to details and consistently come up with smart products and solutions. Make your home or office life easier with Leitz!