Desk Lamp Smart LED Leitz Style

The Leitz Style Smart LED desk lamp responds to your working conditions in real time, automatically regulating light levels to meet you personal requirements. Stay efficient the whole day!
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Smart automatic dimming - the integrated ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the brightness to each type of task at your desk

Automatic on/off - switches on and off when you enter the connection zone or leave it - energy saving at its best

iOS and Android App for light templates or individual adjustments

7 warm-white and 7 cold-white LEDs can be dimmed, separately from each other to adjust the light intensity and colour temperature

Touch panel for manual usage: on/off, infinately dimming, study and relax preset

Get your tablet or smartphone easily charged with the USB port in the stand

3 years guarantee

System of spring balancing, adjustable arms and heads

Distinct and iconic design with a stand formed from a solid piece of high-grade Zinc. Anodized Aluminum profiles with soft-brushed finish in sophisticated colours

This luminaire contains built-in LED lamps. The lamps cannot be changed in the luminaire.


Code 62080094
Color Satin Black
Material Zinc, Aluminium, ABS
Dimensions 220 x 940 x 860
Weight 2.3