Cross Cut Paper Shredders

Cross cut shredders cut an A4 piece of paper into at least 400 pieces, giving you peace of mind knowing that your personal information will remain secure. Whether it’s bank statements or confidential work information, Leitz cross cut shredders give the perfect level of security for homes and offices.

Perfect for everyday home and office shredding
Leitz IQ Home Office Cross Cut Paper Shredder
Intelligent and quiet. Shreds 10 sheets. 23l bin. 6 min shredding time. Security DIN P4 cross cut.

Leitz IQ Home Office Cross Cut Paper Shredder

  • Compact under desk design
  • Cross cut shredder with P-4 security rating
  • 23L bin that holds up to 225 sheets before it needs to be emptied
  • Shreds up to 10 sheets of A4 paper at a time, with anti-jam technology for uninterrupted shredding
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Cross cut paper shredder FAQs

What types of cross cut shredder are there?

There are two types of cross cut shredder: manual feed shredders and auto feed automatic shredders.

Manual feed document shredders shred documents as they are inserted into the shredder slot by the user, whereas auto feed shredders allow a stack of papers to be placed into the shredder by the user. Once the user starts the shredder they can walk away while the shredder automatically shreds the documents. Automatic shredding provides businesses with additional peace of mind as they save time and, thanks to their ease of use, promote shredding by employees.

As well as paper, our auto feed shredders also shred credit cards, staples and paper clips, giving you a quick and seamless shredding experience.

What types of shredder cut are there?

There are three types of cut for paper shredders: strip cut, cross cut and micro cut. Strip cut shredders cut each document into vertical strips which could easily be reassembled. What makes a cross cut shredder different is that it cuts the documents horizontally as well as vertically. This creates small rectangular pieces of paper and is why cross cut shredders are also known as "confetti cut" shredders. Micro cut shredders also cut documents vertically and horizontally, but the pieces produced are even smaller pieces than cross cut shredders.

All Leitz IQ Paper Shredders are either cross cut or micro cut to give you the peace of mind you need when handling sensitive information.

P-security ratings and what they mean

Leitz cross cut shredders are available in three security levels.

P4 shredders are ideal as office shredders or for home users needing to shred bank statements or confidential business documents. P4 shredders shred an A4 document into 400 pieces.

P5 shredders shreds an A4 document into 2,000 pieces. Appropriate for confidential personal and financial documents, as well as strategic papers.

P6 shredders cut an A4 document into 6,000 pieces. P6 shredders are perfect for destroying legal or military documents, or bank documents containing protected data.

Which cross cut shredder is best for shredding lots of documents?

If you want to shred lots of documents at once, it is important to consider both the bin capacity and the sheet capacity. A shredder's sheet capacity refers to how many sheets of paper it can shred at once, which is often written as "shreds up to 15 sheets".

A large bin capacity means you will not need to empty the bin as often. Our heavy duty Leitz IQ Pro 600 cross cut shredder allows you to shred 600 sheets of A4 paper automatically.

Leitz IQ Protect Premium Paper Shredder under Home Office Desk

Need more peace of mind?

Head over to our micro cut shredder page for ultimate security.

Not sure which shredder is right for you?

Not sure which shredder is right for you?

Our buying guide has all the information you need to find the right shredder for you.

GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance

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