Leitz TruSens Air Purifiers

with Sensor Pod control for purer air where it matters most

NEW Leitz TruSens Smart Purifiers

NEW Leitz TruSens Smart Purifiers

Take control of your air from anywhere in the world with our new Smart Air Purifier. With the TruSens Smart App, you’ll know the quality of your indoor and outdoor air in real time. The Z-3500 Wi-Fi® enabled air purifiers work with Alexa device voice commands and it is EN1822 certified.


TruSens eliminates 99.99% of airborne coronavirus*

* Results from independent third-party testing using aerosolized airborne concentration of human coronavirus 229E over a two hour period in a sealed chamber. HCoV-229e is a well-established surrogate for SARS-Cov-2.

Why purify air?

In a world where air quality is a growing concern, air purifiers are a popular addition to our homes and offices. Leitz TruSens Air Purifiers bring science, style and technology into your home, removing impurities and filling rooms with fresher, cleaner air.

Purer air for your home

mother and daughter dance in living room

TruSens for your home

Leitz TruSens Air Purifiers have a sleek, timeless design that will blend effortlessly into any room. Keep a safe and happy home by protecting your family from impurities such as airborne germs, odours and pet hair.

one holding air purifier at home

Purer air in your home office

The comfort of your home office will have a strong influence on your health and wellbeing. Create a positive and productive working environment by optimising the air around you with a Leitz TruSens Air Purifier.

Purer air in public environments

modern office environment with air purifiers

Help keep people protected by controlling the air quality in your environment

Leitz TruSens portable, stand-alone air purifiers can be set up quickly and used wherever needed. Cost effective with no installation required, simply switch on and go.

florist and air purifier from Leitz

Cleaner air in retail shops

Cleaner and safer air for you, your customers and employees. Improve well-being and give peace of mind.

teacher and kids in classroom and air purifier

Leitz TruSens for classrooms

Classrooms are one of the places that are most in need of air purifiers. Cleaner air in the classroom will help reduce the spread of germs and improve focus among students. Leitz TruSens is a cost effective solution with no installation required.

Air purifiers reimagined

Air purifiers reimagined

Key features

Lietz TruSens Air Flow dynamic

Air Flow Dynamic

PureDirect™ technology splits the cleaner air into two streams, delivering purified air more comfortably and efficiently throughout the room.

The result of rigorous testing has proven that bi-directional airflow delivers purified air more effectively throughout a room, and in some cases, has been proven to be up to 24% more efficient.

man at home and TruSens sensor pot

Senses pollutants

Benefit from cleaner air everywhere, not just near the purifier. Placed across the room, the Sensor Pod measures pollutants and communicates results back to the purifier. This ensures that the entire room has cleaner air.

Leitz TruSens Air Purifier Display

Air Quality Display

Know when your air is good, moderate or poor. SensorPod air quality readings are displayed on an illuminated disc. This gives you peace of mind that TruSens is responding and doing its job.

Leitz TruSens 360 degree Hepa Filter

360 degree HEPA filter

The Leitz TruSens 360 degree HEPA filter captures 99.97% of particulate matter down to 0,3micron and removes VOC gases and odours from all directions.

Lietz TruSens air purifier filter and UV-C Light

UV-C Light

A UV-C lamp kills germs and bacteria that can get trapped in the filter.

Speciality filters

Customise your purifier with our speciality filters.

TruSens in details

  • Practical handle

    TruSens is easily portable

  • Air Quality Display

    Unique air quality indicator that displays changes in air quality levels.

  • Beauty and simplicity

    Craftsmanship and attention to detail are reflected in what we do.
    We focus on beauty and simplicity to create visually appealing products that matter. The sleek design and varying sizes make it ideal for any living space.

  • 360° DuPont Filtration

    360 degree filtration captures pollutants such as allergens, VOC gases and microscopic particles.

  • SensorPod

    SensorPod measures air quality and continuously transmits that data. The purifier displays the air quality readings and adapts output levels accordingly.

  • Polluted Air

    Polluted air comes in

  • UV-C Lamp

    Reduces the growth of odour-causing microbes on the surface of the air purifier filter

  • 3-in-1 HEPA Drum

    Combines HEPA with activated carbon and a separate washable prefilter to capture ultra-fine airborne particles.

  • Activated Carbon Filter

     Removes certain gases and odours from the air.

  • Pre Filter


  • Split Airflow

    Delivers clean air everywhere

Leitz Tru Sens three air purifiers

Reddot Award 2019 Winner

Jury statement:

"TruSens impresses with a timeless appearance, harmonious combination of materials and user-oriented functionality.'

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Buying an air purifier

Air purifiers help you breathe easier by reduicing airborn allergy and asthma triggers in bedrooms, living rooms or anywhere it matters most. Being informed means that you can take a proactive approach to your wellbeing. Isn't it time you took control of the air you breathe?

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