What Do You Need for the Best Ergonomic Home Office Setup?


What Do You Need for the Best Ergonomic Home Office Setup?

Getting the right ergonomic office equipment for your home office is vital to ensure you can work comfortably and productively.  But setting up an office for remote work can be a daunting task. There’s a lot to consider when it comes to ergonomics and which tools will help you to maintain a good posture and avoid injuries whilst you work. But with our below guide, you can find the right equipment to set up the best ergonomic home office.

Standing Desk Converter

One of the best additions to your home office is a standing desk converter. Sitting or standing in one position for too long is one of the most common causes of working from home injuries. And in the same way that sitting all day can cause injuries, standing all day can also cause problems – which is why having a standing-only desk can be just as bad as sitting. So, the solution is a standing desk converter, which allows you to easily change between sitting and standing.

Our standing desk converter gives you the flexibility to easily switch from sitting to standing and vice versa, to encourage movement and reduce strain on your muscles. It’s also available as a desk converter with keyboard tray, so you can ensure your equipment is in the right place to use comfortably. Both versions have a sleek, minimalist design to suit all interior styles and a small footprint to save space.

When using a standing desk converter, it’s advised to work for around 20 minutes seated and around 10 minutes standing, with regular breaks for at least a few minutes to move around away from the desk. Standing can put a lot of strain on the body and after around 10 minutes most people will begin to slouch or lean. Ensuring you switch positions throughout the day will minimise the risk of injury. When standing, you can also use an anti-fatigue mat, to improve comfort and reduce strain on your legs and muscles.

Monitor Riser

Your monitor should be at the right height to prevent you from slouching. Using a laptop on a desk, for example, will usually mean the screen is too low for you to view without straining your neck. Using a laptop stand or monitor riser will raise the screen o the appropriate viewing height, which should keep your head and neck in a stacked, neutral position. Usually, your eye level should be about five centimetres below the top of the screen, and the monitor should be an arm’s length away from you.

Our laptop stand and monitor riser are both adjustable, so you can find the optimum height for your own comfort and workstation setup. Our laptop stand has been designed to promote airflow around the laptop, maintaining a high level of performance as the components are kept cool. It can also be folded up flat when not in use, or if you’re hybrid working and need to transport it between your home office and place of work. The monitor stand features a space underneath for a keyboard, so you can keep your workstation tidy when not in use. Both are also great to use with the standing desk converter, as they’re easily adjustable to find the right height as you switch between sitting and standing.

Office Chair

The best ergonomic office chairs will have adequate lumbar support, maintaining the natural S-curve of your back. You don’t necessarily have to sit at a 90-degree angle, with your back up straight – instead, you should aim to sit slightly back, with your spine against the backrest of the chair. Your feet should be flat on the floor and it’s best that the backs of your knees don’t hit the seat, as this can reduce blood flow and cause swelling in the feet and ankles.

Sometimes, you might just need an orthopaedic seat cushion and a foot rest to help you sit in a comfortable position. Our seat cushion has an ergonomic design that promotes healthy posture whilst providing a comfortable base that relieves pressure on the spine. Our foot rest can help you to hold your feet in the correct position, so they don’t dangle off the chair. You can also flip over the foot rest and use it as an ankle rocker, which encourages movement and healthy circulation whilst you work. Both come in our three Cosy colours to suit every interior, and the covers can be removed so they can be washed, for convenience.

You can interchange your office chair with an ergonomic ball chair. Using a ball chair for short periods throughout the day will help to increase movement in your core and reduce strain on your muscles. Our active sitting ball can be used for both improving your posture whilst you work as well as for exercise, with a removable cover for washing and a convenient handle for carrying. When using a ball chair, you should ensure it’s properly inflated and only use it for an hour or two at a time. You should aim to maintain good posture when using a ball chair and ensure your equipment is in the right position to minimise strain.

Wrist Rest

When you’re setting up your desk ergonomics, you’ll want to ensure your hands and wrists can work in a neutral position. You shouldn’t have to bend your wrists to reach your keyboard or your mouse. You can achieve the right posture by adjusting the height of your chair and also by using wrist rests. Leitz has a range of wrist rests available, including an adjustable mouse wrist rest and adjustable keyboard wrist rest. These can be used to find the right height needed to hold your hands and forearms in the correct position to use your keyboard and mouse.  In addition to being held in a neutral position, you should also set up your workstation, so your hands mainly work straight in front, and not bent out to the side or across the body.

Wireless Equipment

A great way of ensuring your equipment can be used in the best position is to use wireless tools, such as a keyboard, headphones and wireless mouse. These will give you more flexibility and move with you as you adjust your position throughout the day. Using wireless tools will mean you won’t have to bend awkwardly or strain to use any of your equipment. You could also think about using a hands-free kit for your phone, to further give you the freedom to move around whilst you work and take calls.

Using wireless equipment also makes it easier to use a standing desk converter, as everything can be moved up or down without having to worry about messy wires. A wireless mouse and keyboard are perfect for using alongside a laptop riser, allowing to continue to use the device without having to hold your hands in an awkward, uncomfortable position. They can also be beneficial if you work between multiple locations, allowing you to quickly pack up your things and set up your workstation wherever you need.

Leitz has a huge range of office equipment and home office furniture so you can create aa productive and relaxing working environment.

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