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Travelling for business? Save time and patience with Leitz Complete

Even in the age of social media and Skype, the idea of travelling a significant distance for a face-to-face meeting is not dead. In fact, experts say that the number of business trips is actually rising. At the same time as demand is rising, so are the challenges to business travellers. These include transport delays, connectivity issues and stress caused by full schedules.

To help you enjoy a more comfortable business travel experience, Leitz has put together a collection of our favourite business travel tips.


#1 When travelling by airplane: Set up a reminder on your phone to check-in online. Most flights allow check in 24 hours in advance. The sooner you check in, the higher chance you have to choose a convenient seat.

#6 Have one reliable piece of on-board luggage so you know where your belongings are and can travel light. The Leitz Complete Hand Luggage Trolleys, with their clever compartments, are ideal.

#8 Pack less than you think you need by taking clothes that can adapt to numerous occasions. Darker colours are the most versatile.

#13 Stay organised with Leitz zip pockets. Keep your travel essentials like tickets, cables and cosmetics safe and accessible.

#15 Use portable chargers like the Leitz power banks while on the go and save time and space by using the Leitz travel USB wall charger – like this you’re always fully charged in any country you visit.

#22 When going through customs, look to your left as well as your right for the shortest queue as right-handed people tend to only look right.

#25 When the plane is full and you have cabin luggage, make sure to board first so you can store your luggage in the overhead lockers closest to your seat.


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