Leitz Icon Intelligent Plastic Label Cartridge 12 mm

For multipurpose labelling jobs in the office or from remote position. Intelligent permanent adhesive label cartridge. Plastic material. Prevents jamming or wasting an entire sheet of labels to print just one.
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Intelligent cartridge system shows what tape is loaded and how many labels are left

Snap-on cartridge for easy changeover

Cartridge made from recycled paper pulp

Labels 12 mm wide

You can even print in either orientation depending on what you are looking to print

Permanent adhesive, plastic material, 10 m long

Easy to peel off


Code 70150001
Colour White
Material 100% recycable cardrige made of ABS plastic and recycled paper pulp
Dimensions (W x H x D mm) 96 x 94 x 40
Weight 0.07