Leitz Ergo Adjustable Computer Foot Rest

The Leitz Ergo Under Desk Foot Rest is the perfect foot stand to help create a comfortable and active workspace. Designed to provide maximum comfort while sitting, this office foot rocker combines the ergonomic benefits of a rocking footrest with an adjustable foot stand. The adjustable computer foot rest has 2 height settings with both a flat and curved platform to ensure the correct ergonomic posture and typing position. Stay active while you work with the rocking motion to promote healthy blood circulation and increase productivity. With it's minimalist design and matt finish, this stylish foot rest can have a positive impact on wellbeing by effortlessly creating the perfect active working set-up. Combine with other Leitz Ergo products for an inviting and flexible workspace to help you stay active and productive throughout the day.
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Ergonomic adjustable foot rest to promote a healthy posture and improve blood circulation by supporting your feet and legs

Helps reduce discomfort and stiffness that can result from extended periods of sitting

Height adjustable for maximum comfort and to ensure the correct seating position

Choose from two height settings (78 mm/128 mm) by simply turning over the foot rest

Rocking motion keeps you active and allows for regular changes in foot position

One flat and one curved non-slip platform to comfortably accommodate all foot sizes

The elegant design perfectly combines functionality with sophistication

Strong and durable

The Leitz Ergo range combines style with premium quality to create a comfortable and active work environment


Code 65030085
Colour Grey
Dimensions (W x H x D mm) 508 x 135 x 300
Weight 2.62