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Strip Cut, Micro Cut and Cross Cut Shredding: Which Is Best?


When looking for a new paper shredder, you’ll need to consider what type of cut you need. Each type of cut will give a different level of security, ranging from basic strip cut shredding to high-security micro cut shredding.

Choosing the Best Ergonomic Office Chair: What to Consider


If you want to improve your workstation ergonomics with the best office chair, read our guide on what you should consider and look for.

Find Comfort and Joy This Holiday Season with Leitz Seat Cushions


Amazon’s latest Christmas advert offers a profound message wrapped in a simple truth: life does indeed feel better when you’re comfortable.

What Are the Benefits of Sit Stand Desks?


Find out if sit stand desks are worth it and what benefits a standing desk converter can bring. Discover the range of ergonomic office equipment from Leitz.

Do the Aesthetics of Your Workplace Affect Productivity?


The interior aesthetics of a workplace might not be your first concern when thinking about employee productivity. However, how your workspace is designed can have a massive effect on both employee satisfaction and productivity.

Top 5 Tips in the Ergonomics Category


Leitz has partnered with award-winning osteopath and wellbeing influencer Anisha Joshi to truly put our ergonomic products to the test. Here are the top 5 products she recommends.