• Leitz Cosy Silent Glass Wall Clock

    Silent clockwork, ideal for of fices, reading areas and bedrooms. 4mm tempered safety glass. Minimalistic marking so you can write your own appointments and notes with the included dry marker.

  • Leitz 180° Cosy Active Lever Arch File

    Lightweight, ergonomically designed with an elastic band closure so it can be used on the move and in the office.

  • Leitz Cosy Letter Tray with Desk Organiser

    Letter tray with an extra storage shelf that rests on top, providing quick access to daily essentials.

  • Leitz Cosy Stapler

    Sturdy and reliable 30 sheet paper stapler with patented Direct Impact Technology ensuring perfect results every time.

  • Leitz Cosy Mobile 3-Flap Folder

    Premium A4 cardboard soft touch folder. 3 flaps for storing paperwork. 150 sheet capacity

  • Leitz Cosy Hole Punch

    Sturdy and reliable for everyday use with handle lock. Innovative grip design and extra-sharp stamps ensure effortless punching up to 30 sheets of paper.

  • Leitz Cosy Tape Dispenser

    Convenient single handed use. High quality, super-sharp cutter for smooth cutting and no wasted tape. Comes supplied with a roll of self-adhesive tape.

  • Leitz Cosy Drawer Cabinet

    Store all your essential day to day items, such as pens, cables, notebooks and even food in the kitchen.

  • Leitz Cosy Laminated Lever Arch File

    Unique, patented mechanism that opens 180° for 50% wider opening and 20% faster filing. Stylish spine label for easy identification.

Your home office setup with Leitz Cosy

Discover our product & design ideas

With the increased use of home as an office, the importance of good workplace organisation has also grown. Everything has to be in the right place and quick and easy to access. That said, your home office design ideas do not have to spoil your interior design. Introducing Leitz Cosy: A smart and beautifully designed range of products that can be used in your workplace, as well as for your home organisation.

A structured and organised home office setup is key for efficiency and well-being while working from home. Equipment and accessories need to be easily accessible and in a designated place. Of course, every solution has to fit in with your home office design. Discover how to use Leitz Cosy products to help create a positive work space in our home office storage ideas below.

An integral part of every home office setup are desk essentials like staplers, hole punches and lever arch files. As well as being functional, these products are also important for your home office design. The beautiful colours and shapes of the new Leitz Cosy products were created to enhance modern interior design concepts.

Our broad range of home office accessories allows you to individualise your home office setup. From phone chargers to water bottles or glass whiteboards: the Leitz Cosy range is perfect for organising your office and to make yourself at home.