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What is the Best Home Office Lighting When Using a Computer?


If you’re struggling with compromised vision or headaches at work, it could be related to your screen time. Whilst using your computer or laptop for hours at a time is likely part and parcel of your job, it can play havoc with your health. Taking regular breaks is important to avoid headaches working from home, but your home office lighting can also play a part.

The Best Home Office Essentials You Need for 2023


Whether you’re just setting up your home office this year or looking to update your working from home equipment, Leitz has everything you need. From ergonomic equipment to organisation tools, these are the home office essentials for 2023.

Simple Ways to be More Eco-Friendly at Home


It’s never been more important to live more sustainably. We all know the impact that excess waste and carbon emissions are having on the environment. Fortunately, there are many ways to be more eco-friendly, with simple, sustainable swaps to be made around the home.

Ergonomics for Office Workers - Employer Considerations


Improving ergonomics in the workplace can help employees to work more productively and efficiently, all while avoiding injuries that can occur when working with the wrong equipment.

Tips to Work Productively When Hybrid Working


Stay organised at home and in the office with these best practices for efficient and productive hybrid working. Visit Leitz for all your home office essentials.

How to Prevent Cold and Flu and Relieve Symptoms


With the colder months comes a higher risk of catching a cold and flu. Whilst these are different viruses, they’re transmitted in similar ways and can have similar symptoms. There are some steps we can take to reduce the risk of catching these viruses, and also help relieve symptoms if we do get ill.