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How to Keep Your Business Organised When Working Remotely


Remote working can be taxing at the best of times. Trying to run your own business from home adds another complex layer to your organisational needs. If you’ve recently made the transition to home working or your home business environment has become cluttered and chaotic, we have the tips below to make you’re an office organising pro.

What is the Best Home Office Lighting When Using a Computer?


If you’re struggling with compromised vision or headaches at work it could be related to your screen time. Whilst using your computer or laptop for hours at a time is likely part and parcel of your job, it can play havoc with your health. Short of taking regular breaks you may want to address the lighting in your home office.

3 Green Tips to Bring Nature into Your Workspace


Even the contemporary and vibrant new wave of working spaces are manufactured and artificial. However, with many of us working remotely under the ‘new normal’, this gives us great scope to create a green home office.

How to Assess Your Home Office for Ideal Ergonomics


Have you created a home working space but are struggling with aches and pains? Do you want to give your home office a makeover and increase your wellbeing? Whatever the reason, getting to grips with ergonomics can help banish discomfort and help you work efficiently.

The 8 Best Home Working Products to Keep You Organised


With working from home something set to stay around for the foreseeable many of us have started thinking that the coffee-table-desk or fruit-bowl-filing-system might not be helping us work efficiently.

Can Home Office Air Quality Affect Your Health


With so many of us now working remotely, paying attention to your home office environment is paramount. Whilst you may have invested in an ergonomic setup and new technology to help work efficiency, you may have not even considered the importance of home office air quality.