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Easy Christmas Arts and Crafts for the Whole Family


A great pastime for the festive season is to get creative with some Christmas arts and crafts for the family. There are plenty of simple Christmas arts and crafts you can do with items you might already have around the house.

How to be More Eco-Friendly This Christmas


The Christmas festivities can produce a lot of waste, from the gifts we send, the decorations we use and the food we eat. If you’re looking for ways to be sustainable this Christmas, read on for our tips and advice.

Data Protection and Working from Home: Tips to Work Securely


Many people are now enjoying working from home, whether full-time or hybrid working. Whilst this has provided companies and employees with more flexibility, it has also proved to be a challenge to data protection.

Top Tips to Help Your Kids with Their Homework


If you’re looking for homework tips for parents, read on for our advice on how to set up a productive study area and how to effectively encourage and support your child’s learning and development.

How to Set Up a Home Office in a Bedroom


Many people enjoy hybrid working, dividing their working hours between their home and the office. Whilst this has provided many with a better work life balance, it’s important that you have a space at home so you can work productively and comfortably, whilst still maintaining a separation between your personal and work lives.

Ways for Your Small Business to be More Eco Friendly


There are many ways that a business can be more eco-friendly, reducing its impact on the environment whilst improving customer opinion. Here are just some sustainability ideas for businesses.