Warranty Claim Terms and Conditions


Acco UK Ltd. Registered Office: Millennium House, 65 Walton Street, Aylesbury, HP21 7QG, England. Registered in England No. 197754


Proof of Purchase

We cannot process your claim without a valid proof of purchase please ensure you have sent it to us.


Claim under warranty

Please refer to your product user manual to determine the warranty terms applicable to your product.


Inspection procedure

Upon completion and return of the Consumer Warranty Claim form to us, ACCO will validate your claim and once confirmed* we may issue a returns label, so you can arrange to have the machine collected from yourselves (from anywhere within the United Kingdom) at our cost. It will be taken our Service Centre in Halesowen, in the West Midlands, where it will be examined by an ACCO Technician.  Please do not return the machine to us yourselves because any damage caused while in transit will not be covered by us and may invalidate your claim. Depending on the nature of the fault and the evidence supplied we may not require the machine back but will just send you a replacement, we will inform you of this once we have reviewed your claim.

* if there is an issue with your claim we will contact you to discuss it further

Where the fault is diagnosed as warranty supported ACCO will repair or replace the machine, including delivery back to you, at our cost.

If the fault is not warranty supported you will be provided with full details of the finding and given three options:

  1. The return of your product unaltered at a cost of £39.95 ex VAT.
  2. The cost of the repair of the machine if this is feasible, plus £39.95 to return it to yourselves ex VAT.  We will ask you to pay for this work before it is carried out
  3. If you wish, we can safely dispose of your machine at no cost to yourselves.


Warranty exclusions:

The product warranty shall not apply in the event of:

  1. The product or any part thereof having been subjected to accident, alteration, misuse or abuse.
  2. The product recommended sheet/film capacity having been exceeded.
  3. Materials/substances having been passed through the product for which the product was not designed.
  4. The original model and serial number plate having been altered, defaced or removed.
  5. When repair or service other than routine service described in the user manual, having been performed by non ACCO qualified personnel.
  6. Where there is evidence that the product has not been maintained in accordance with the product user manual.


If you have any questions or concerns please contact our Service Centre team on:

0800 279 5102 (UK) or 01 603 8010 (Ireland)


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