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Coordinating appointments, making arrangements, arranging purchases... we all have an endless to-do list, and we’re pleased when some things just run smoothly. Do you have questions about a Leitz product, or wish to register one? Would you like to make use of additional services, or use one of our digital services? Our new customer support area is there for you! 

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Leitz Customer Service Suite

No-one wants to be delayed when other important tasks are waiting. As a Leitz customer you don’t need to worry about this. Whether you have questions about warranty services, products or accessories, our comprehensive customer support team have the most important answers to hand.


Start designing!

NEW: Leitz EasyPrint

File indexes, stickers, spine labels: it’s just become even easier to design them yourself! The Leitz EasyPrint service allows you to bring your printing into the office or home, and to label and customise our products with ease.



“Good service is not a project, it’s an attitude”


Sabine Hübner,

Austrian conference speaker and non-fiction author





Did you know?

The world’s largest paper clip can be found in Sandvika, Norway. It stands 7 metres tall and weighs 600 kilograms.