Label Cartridges

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Ecological and efficient: Leitz's label cartridge system 

Wasting an entire sheet of printer labels for just one single label is now a thing of the past. Leitz smart labelling system consists of a portable printer with labels in different sizes and colours. Simply change the label cartridge to create markers and banners in fun colours, sizes and designs!


Variety for great labelling in different designs

One-size-fits-all is outdated - design fun and fitting labels with Leitz's label cartridge portfolio. Pre-sized or up to 2.7m in length, this smart labelling system is very versatile. With a variety of textures from paper and cardboard to plastic, you’re free to improve your office's organising system thanks to our unique label structure. Why not customise with pops of colour like yellow and red for better visibility?

A label cartridge for smart labelling that sticks 

Flexibility was the focus of our label cartridge system. Now, cardboard labels ranging in height from 32, 57 or 91 mm can be easily printed with a single device. Whether you need spine labels for wide and narrow lever arch files or name tags, welcome to unlimited labelling at work or at home.

Have fun with your usual jobs and those special tasks thanks to Leitz Icon and the label cartridge of your choice. With height dimensions between 12 and 88 mm, neutral and colourful, paper or plastic printer labels can be quickly turned into long banners. Small and large address labels with self-adhesion are also easily designed and printed.

Economical and sustainable: Tomorrow's label cartridge by Leitz 

Leitz is passionate about creating lasting and smart solutions; and labelling is just one example of our company's eco-consciousness. Each label cartridge is made from recycled cardboard and plastic. Separating the plastic parts from the empty cartridge is easy and allows for environmentally friendly disposal. And since you can always see the cartridge that's inserted and how many printer labels are left on it, printing extras or faulty labels is a thing of the past. Great ecologically and economically.

Order an effortlessly adaptable label cartridge from Leitz today for smart labelling!