Leitz Ergo Adjustable Monitor Stand

The Leitz Ergo Adjustable Computer Monitor Stand helps create a comfortable and ergonomic workspace by raising your monitor to an optimal viewing height. Designed to provide maximum comfort while sitting or standing, this monitor riser promotes a healthy posture and optimises comfort for the neck and shoulders. The adjustable desk monitor stand has 2 height settings and will securely hold up to 27" monitor screens. There is also space underneath the desk riser to store a keyboard or other daily essentials to keep desks and work surfaces clutter free. With it's minimalist design and matt finish, this stylish monitor stand for desks can have a positive impact on wellbeing by effortlessly creating the perfect active working set-up. Combine with other Leitz Ergo products for an inviting and flexible workspace to help you stay active and productive throughout the day.


  • Ergonomic adjustable monitor stand to promote a healthy posture, when adjusted correctly, and as recommended, to the ideal egonomic position
  • Helps to reduce neck and shoulder discomfort when working at a desk for extended periods of time
  • Height adjustable for maximum comfort and to ensure optimal eye alignment
  • Choose from two height settings (55 mm x 77 mm) by simply turning over the monitor stand
  • Stable and secure storage for larger monitors and all-in-one PCs up to 27”
  • Additional storage space underneath the stand to keep your work space tidy
  • The elegant design perfectly combines functionality with sophistication
  • Strong and durable
  • Complements working whilst sitting or standing on a height adjustable desk
  • The Leitz Ergo range combines style with premium quality to create a comfortable and active work environment


Dimensions (W x H x D mm)
209 x 112 x 438

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