Hot Lamination

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Heat and water resistant: Protect documents, signs and photos with a Leitz laminator   

From an easily accessible list of important phone numbers to a sign that needs to survive outdoor weather, a Leitz laminator helps protect documents and pictures. Plus, you can even make your own professional name tags for conventions and other events.

Hot or cold: This is how a laminator works  

A professional laminator machine covers a document with a lasting layer for protection. Hot lamination bonds lamination pouches with heat-activated adhesives whilst cold lamination works without heat. Both types of laminating machines and their lamination pouches are available in a variety of formats and widths for brilliant, long-lasting lamination results in a matter of moments.

A Leitz lamination machine for your everyday laminating needs: 

Our hot laminating machines - Leitz iLAM light and iLam Easy - are simple and straightforward to use. With no adjustments needed, they produce perfect results every time, dependably and safely. Paper is processed quickly and reliably. They are great for pictures thanks to their photo-friendly settings. Also, if you’re after an A3 laminator, this is the range for you.

Advanced lamination: Leitz iLAM touch and iLam turbo laminator machines 

Leitz iLAM touch meets business needs effortlessly. Ready in less than a minute and energy-efficient, this model is equipped with smart sensor technology to detect document thickness automatically; delivering great lamination results without waves and bubbles.

For super-fast lamination, Leitz turbo is the go-to laminating range. Available in A4 and A3, these laminating machines consume very little energy and provide excellent results thanks to patented foldable flats, which also makes for space-efficiency when stored.


Whatever your needs, at home or at the office; Leitz has a laminator for you.