Leitz Click & Store WOW Medium Organiser Box

Organiser box with 2-4 flexible compartments. Collapsible for space saving storage when not in use. Label holder for indexing. Made of strong, premium cardboard. Laminated surface for a better and long-lasting protection. Modern and contemporary design that will look great at home and in the office.

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Foldable and easy to assemble

Leitz Click & Store Boxes are easy and fast to assemble as well as to fold but never open accidentically thanks to their patented construction.

Robust & Long-Lasting

Leitz storage boxes are made from solid, robust cardboard with a laminated surface for better, long-lasting protection. Metal reinforced edges for better stability.


  • Striking and stylish box for organising chargers, wires, stationery and other odds and ends
  • At-a-glance content view, designed for optimum storage and organisation and to avoid clutter!
  • Flexible compartment system for enhanced content organisation
  • Box divides into 2, 3 or 4 parts and helps avoid tangled cables or misfiling items such as photos
  • Fast and easy to assemble thanks to button mechanism and the folding action (reduces storage space when box not needed)
  • Give your workplace or your home the WOW factor with this range of products in striking and stylish colours 
  • Gloss PP finish for a premium look, enhanced durability and an easy to clean surface
  • Made of strong, premium cardboard
  • Patented construction for extra protection against accidental opening of the box when heavy content carried
  • Easy content indexing thanks to high quality metal label holder and white labels


PP laminated robust hardboard
Dimensions (W x H x D mm)
281 x 100 x 370
Storing and organising chargers, cables, earphones, stationery accessories, pictures and other odds and ends

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