Leitz Manual Paper Shredders

Not just any shredder: Leitz Manual Shredders are quiet, elegant and offer a wide range to choose from. Discover our large variety from Home Paper Shredders to Office Shredders.

Why Leitz Manual Shredders?

  • Quiet operation for a calm home and working environment
  • Compact and stylish design to fit neatly under your desk
  • Anti jam technology for uninterrupted shredding - automatically stops and reverses the paper out when too much paper is inserted



Before choosing the cut type, you need to consider the security level. Think carefully about which security level you expect or require your document shredder to provide you with.

Leitz shredders are categorised according to their security level, referred to as the P-level. The P-level is an industry standard specifying how many pieces an A4 sheet of paper is cut into when shredded. The higher the P-level, the smaller the resulting paper particles are, and consequently the higher the security level is.



Learn more about security levels with our Paper Shredder Buying Guide