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Our extensive range of home paper shredders has been designed with the home office in mind. The compact size and modern design allow them to be placed in any room in the house or neatly under an office desk.

With quiet operation and anti-jam technology, our shredders for home use allow you to carry on with your daily tasks and will not interrupt your calls or concentration while you shred.

Leitz IQ Paper Shredders will effortlessly shred confidential documents with no compromise on quality, style or security – also available for a small office or a large office shredder.

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In our buying guide you can find all you need to know about our Leitz IQ shredders, so that you can choose the best paper shredder for your office or home.

Frequently asked questions about home shredders

How do I choose a home shredder?

There are several factors to consider when choosing a home shredder. Depending on the amount of shredding you should choose an a4 paper shredder with a sufficient bin size and shredding capacity.

Depending on the available space, it often makes sense to choose a small paper shredder for home use. You should also consider the noise level of a paper shredder and choose a quiet shredder to not disturb others in your household.

Did you know that the GDPR also applies in the home office? Therefore, it is important to choose a shredder with a sufficient security level. A cross cut paper shredder with security level DIN P4 is a good option for home use.

Do home shredders need oil?

To maintain proper functionality, home shredders also need to be lubricated. Leitz offers dedicated Oil sheets, which can simple be fed into the machine for easy maintenance.

Please do not use spray cleaners or spray lubricants as these may present a risk of flash fire.

What to look for when buying a home paper shredder?

Depending on the available space, size may be an important factor when buying a home paper shredder. For example, a slim paper shredder could be a good choice to put under your home office desk.

Another important consideration for a home office paper shredder is the security level. All Leitz IQ shredders are at least DIN P4 cross cut shredders and fulfil the requirements of the GDPR.

Another important point when selecting a home paper shredder is the noise level. It is recommendable to choose a quiet shredder to limit noise disturbance in your home.