Leitz IQ Automatic Paper Shredders

The Leitz IQ Autofeed paper shredders are so intelligent they work quietly on their own. Our shredding machines allow you to automatically shred your sensitive documents, leaving you free to complete other tasks. The unique clean emptying feature is available across our Autofeed micro cut and cross cut shredder range. Simply load your stack of papers, close the lid and get on with your day. With compact models available for small offices and home offices and larger auto feed models for commercial and business use, you'll find the right shredder for you.

Why Leitz Automatic Shredders?

  • Unique clean emptying feature (cutters reverse after every use) to prevent paper shreds dropping behind the bin when pulled out
  • Infra red bin full sensor as well as 80% full warning to alert user to empty the bin to avoid mess
  • Anti jam technology for uninterrupted shredding - automatically stops and reverses the paper out when too much paper is inserted
  • ECO sleep mode activates after 3 minutes of non use

Find your Leitz Shredder

With our Shredder Buying Guide

In our buying guide you can find all you need to know about our Leitz IQ shredders, so that you can choose the best paper shredder for your office or home.