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Keeping your sensitive data secure has never been more important, to prevent the risk of personal identity fraud and for businesses, to comply with GDPR data privacy laws. Paper Shredders need to be easily accessible at home and in the office, so you can dispose of paper documents quickly and safely. Leitz offers a variety of paper shredder machines for every purpose, with no compromise on quality or security.

The perfect paper shredder for every location

Leitz offers a whole range of paper shredder machines designed for performance and style. The new fully automatic Leitz IQ Autofeed automatic paper shredder machines are so intelligent they quietly work on their own. Their unique clean emptying feature is only one of numerous features that you’ve come to expect from Leitz. Just insert your stack of papers, close the lid and get on with your day.

The Leitz manual paper shredders will effortlessly shred all your confidential documents while allowing for a calm working and home environment. The compact size and modern design allow them to be placed in any room in the house, neatly under an office desk or as a central shredder machine for your whole department.

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In our buying guide you can find all you need to know about our Leitz IQ shredders, so that you can choose the best paper shredder for your office or home.

Why Leitz IQ Paper Shredders?

Not just any shredder: Leitz shredder machines are quiet, elegant and feauture innovative technology. With a wide range to choose from there is sure to be one for every office or home.


A quiet motor and cutting technology outputs a lower acoustic level and with that provides for a low noise level working environment.


Leitz IQ shredders keep you protected with DIN P4 Cross Cut to DIN P6 Micro Cut options. The higher the DIN number, the smaller the particles your shredder will cut a piece of paper into and the more secure you are.

Anti Jam Technology

Clever anti-jam technology reduces paper jams so you can keep shredding.

Easy to use

Intuitive illuminated touch control operation buttons simplify and enhance the user experience.

Product Registration

Product Registration

Register your new Leitz IQ Paper Shredder and increase your warranty protection from 2 years to 3 years, completely free of charge.

Stay GDPR compliant in the Home Office

Stay GDPR compliant in the Home Office

Good GDPR security is about doing the right thing and ensuring the correct protocols are in place when working from home. Follow our top tips to assist in GDPR compliance wherever your office may be.



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