Discover the strength of our design!

Do you believe in the power of good design? We definitely do! That’s why design is a fundamental aspect of our product development. We combine function, form and colour in such a way to create an improved workflow – with more bold and bright WOW effects in the office, more comfort on business trips and more style for every modern work environment. 

More WOW Effects 

Highlight your personality with products in our range of WOW colours. Whether bright green, pink or orange – our dual-colour desk series with high-gloss finish brings accents of colour to your home and office.


TruSens Air Purifiers


Air purifiers reimagined

Air purifiers reimagined

In a world where air quality is a growing concern, air purifiers are a popular addition to our homes and offices. Leitz TruSens Air Purifiers bring science, style and technology into your home, removing impurities and filling rooms with fresh, clean air. A beautiful display informs you of the air you breathe. TruSens delivers cleaner air everywhere, with 360 degree filtration.

Award Winning

New Leitz NeXXT hole punches and staplers

Good design shines through: our new Leitz NeXXT hole punches and staplers have been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award! Clean lines meet ergonomic handling.



"Colour is a force that speaks straight to the soul."


Wassily Kandinsky

Russian painter, graphic artist and art theorist





Everything the on-the-move professional needs

Take your office with you! Our Complete Traveller collection is designed for anyone on the go.

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A whole range designed for performance and style

A whole range designed for performance and style

These are not just any shredders, they’re quiet, more elegant and with a wide range to choose from there’s sure to be one for every office or home. Leitz IQ shredders keep you protected with P4 Cross Cut to P6 Micro Cut options. German efficiency combined with premium design and performance. Bring some style to your home office with this anti jam, quiet and long running shredder. 

Show your eye for detail

Striking, modern, noble - that's our elegant Style series. Ranging from classic office equipment such as pencil cases and pen cups to modern business accessories including tablet and smartphone stands; the Style series is made of high quality zinc with practical features like integrated charging inserts for mobile devices.

Work better by Design

What role does design play in your office?  How does it impact our working lives? What influence does design have on workplace atmosphere and productivity? Find answers and inspiration in our white paper.