Engineered to efficiently distribute cleaner air throughout a room

Engineered to efficiently distribute cleaner air throughout a room


Total room coverage 

 Most purifiers can leave rooms with dead zones. Purifiers that push air out in one direction create areas where little to no air circulates. PureDirect has two separate airflow streams to minimize dead zones.


PureDirect dual airflow

Independent lab testing of different airflow configurations confirms that dual airflow can distribute air further and more evenly throughout the room. 

TruSens Air Purifiers

Medium Room

up to 35 m²
with SensorPod

Large Room

up to 70 m²
with SensorPod

Small Room

up to 23 m²
not compatible with SensorPod

Splitting the air into dual streams moves the air in an even pattern

Engineered to perform

PureDirect dual airflow uses two streams of air without directing the airflow at people in the room.

Utilising fluid dynamic simulations and tracer gas testing, we discovered that the optimal delivery of cleaner air throughout a room was from a dual stream of airflow, with deliberate angles and split of air volume between each outlet.

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Why clean air matters

Being informed means that you can take a proactive approach to your wellbeing. Follow the links below for articles that are meant to inform and make you aware of the air you breathe.



Protect you and your family from bacteria and viruses

Airborne diseases, such as the cold and flu, travel through the air and get dispersed throughout a room, quickly spreading and infecting others.



Pet Allergy Relief

Pet allergens may be airborne in homes that do not have pets and can linger for up to 6 months after pets are no longer present.




Correlation between air pollution and Dementia

Researchers from the University of London, Imperial College and King’s College London, have recently published a study that suggests an association between dementia and air pollution.