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Top 5 Tips for Creating an Allergy Oasis at Home


The air quality inside our homes can be more harmful than it is outdoors. How can you find relief at home this allergy season? Here are our top tips.

How can air purifiers help people with allergies?


When spring approaches many people who suffer from seasonal allergies like hay fever, feel this is the cue to gear up with some antihistamines and other allergy relief products. For many sufferers, now starts the constant battle against the misery of sore, itchy eyes, a runny nose, sneezing and irritated skin.

How to get rid of pet dander and dust


With more and more people working from home, the nations’ pets are happily enjoying much more human company than ever before. Pets provide great companionship and unconditional love but irrespective of how much more time we are all spending at home, our cherished furry companions have always had something of a reputation for leaving us with unwelcome additional gifts in our house, namely fur, fluff and pet dander. Now there is an air purifier for pets that can help solving the problem of pet dander reducing or even avoiding the problem of allergies and allowing you to enjoy your pets in the home, free from unwanted consequences.

Tips to get rid of Cooking Odours


There is nothing like the delicious smell of dinner cooking when you open the front door, of bacon frying or a pot of piping hot coffee but a few hours later if that smell still lingers, it can leave unpleasant odours in different rooms around the home. There have always been lots of tips to get rid of cooking smells like leaving a bowl of vinegar or baking soda out on the kitchen units to absorb odours and taint or simmering pieces of lemon or citrus peel in a pan on the hob whilst you are cooking.

Fight chemical pollutants that linger in your home


Pollutants can find their way into our homes. Difficult to avoid, exposure can be caused by everything from building materials to air fresheners.