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Green Office Ideas

Eco friendly office tips for your company

Protecting the environment has never been more important and making environmentally friendly choices is now a necessary part of life. As a result, the need for sustainable products across all areas of our home and work life is increasing. Sustainability should be a key consideration when it comes to office equipment. On this page we collected sustainable products and tips for your company.

Eco Friendly Office Essentials

Leitz 180° Lever Arch File Classic Marbled, CO2 compensated, 100% recycled card
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Leitz Recycle Letter Tray, CO2 compensated
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Leitz NeXXt Recycle Stapler, CO2 compensated
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Leitz NeXXt Recycle Hole Punch, CO2 compensated
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Leitz Recycle Waste Paper Bin, CO2 compensated
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Leitz Recycle Card Folder with elastic bands, CO2 compensated
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Leitz Recycle Magazine File, CO2 compensated
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Five easy to apply Eco Friendly Office Ideas

  • Utilise as much natural light as possible
  • Provide reusable options for your employees' notes, like a glass desk notepad
  • Use natural materials like wood when creating workplaces
  • Use laptops instead of desktop computers
  • Swap to energy efficient lighting like LED
Leitz Recycle Hole Punch and Stapler on wooden desk

Leitz Recycle

With our new eco friendly stationery range Leitz Recycle, you can both improve your office environment and the environment of our planet. Every product in the range is climate neutral, 100% recyclable and made from a high percentage of recycled materials.

Leitz Lever Arch File on soil with green footpronts and icon with CO2 neutral

Climate Neutral Lever Arch Files

The original from LEITZ is not only the perfect lever arch file for your organisation – it is also an early pioneer of sustainability. It has been known for its premium quality and durability since 1896, has been awarded the Blue Angel for more than 25 years and has been FSC ® certified since 2011. And now it is CO2 neutral. So choose the original and go BACK INTO THE FUTURE.

Leitz Cosy Cardboard packages

Leitz Cosy Plastic Free Packaging

Every Leitz Cosy product is packaged in plastic-free sustainable packaging to ensure no single-use plastic!