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The return to the office is an opportunity to reenergize the workforce, encourage shared goals and increase the sense of community amongst employees. We collected valuable tips to support your company on the following pages.

Office Essentials

Ensuring the right desk essentials are used to grow productivity, innovation, ideation and rapid decision-making will be essential for a seamless return to the workplace. The office environment needs to be engaging while complementing evolving working styles and trends. This guide gives you a quick overview of essential office items for a modern workplace.

Ergonomic Checklist for Employers

Ergonomic Checklist for Employers

Focussing on better working conditions is important in every place of work and must take into consideration health and wellbeing, economic factors and the individual’s point of view. The requirements for an “ideal workplace”, however, is often seen as a contradiction in terms.

Green Office Ideas

Protecting the environment has never been more important and making environmentally friendly choices is now a necessary part of life. As a result, the need for sustainable products across all areas of our home and work life is increasing. Sustainability should be a key consideration when it comes to office equipment.

Office Paper Shredders

Our heavy duty shredders are efficient and time saving. For example our automatic shredders allow you to simply insert the paper, close the lid and walk away. Designed for heavy duty shredding in large offices, they can shred up to 600 sheets at one time.

Data Protection in the Office

When it comes to data protection, it is important to avoid unnecessary risks. Storing and disposing of paper documents are regulated under the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) just like digital information.

Desk with Laptop, Mobile Phone and a cup of coffee

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