Leitz Bebop

The premium product range in one-of-a-kind Leitz Bebop design. Available in a wide spectrum of colours

Leitz Bebop

A new kind of surface structure with 3D embossing and high-quality design.

Clever fastener

A seamless combination of metal and plastic makes this unique fastener both sophisticated and smart. Keeps your papers or documents safe and secure – in the office or out on business. 

  • Patented 180° precision mechanism with a 5 year warranty.

    A Leitz innovation for a 50% wider opening – and 20% faster filing.
  • Thumb hole

    Makes removing the folder from the shelf especially easy.
  • Rounded spine

    Especially comfortable to carry on the go.
  • Interior pockets

    Easily stores business cards, papers and more for quick access.
  • Pen holder

    Always a writing utensil at hand when you need one.

Refined functionality

Exceptional features fuse together for premium design – inside and out.


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