Why Your Home Office Should Not Be a Junk Room


Why Your Home Office Should Not Be a Junk Room

It might seem like an impossible task to keep your home office tidy and free of clutter. Not only can it be difficult to keep your work and personal admin in order, but you might also find that your home office gradually becomes a storage site for items that you don’t have room for in other parts of the house. This can greatly impact your productivity levels and also increase stress.

It’s vital when setting up a home office for remote work that it is kept organised. Keeping your office separate from home life and using the right home office storage solutions will be a huge help to your organisation at home. There are many reasons why you should keep your home office tidy and taking the time to organise it now will be a huge benefit. 

You’ll Increase Productivity

You’ll find that it will be much easier to focus on a task when you’re in clear surroundings. Studies have shown that we are easily overwhelmed with too much visual information, which makes it difficult to complete tasks efficiently. A well organised desk and office will mean that you can focus without being distracted by any item that might not be properly stored away.

You should try not to use your desk as a physical ‘to do’ list, with lots of post-it notes dotted around. This is hugely distracting, and you might find it impossible to finish a job without wanting to start something else. If writing things down helps your productivity, make one list and keep it tucked away when you’re working on a task. You can take a look at it when you’ve finished to see what needs to be done next. Instead of post-it notes, which create a lot of waste, use a notebook for your to-do list. Or a more sustainable option is to use a Leitz Glass Desk Notepad. Just write down your notes and then wipe them off when you’re done.

Another way to help productivity is to keep your desk storage organised with separate letter trays for different types of paperwork. Label one for documents that need to be dealt with now, another for documents you’ll need to refer to later and another for paperwork that need to be filed. This will help to prioritise the right tasks so you can concentrate on what’s important whilst keeping things in order.

Working with a tidy home office setup will help give you a clear mind, allowing you to feel in control and able to focus on what needs to be done. Taking some time at the end of every day to tidy your desk, file documents and put things back where they belong will mean there will be less to do the next morning, so you can get started on the day straight away.



You’ll Have More Spare Time

Whilst it might seem like a big task, organising your home office now means you’ll save time later when you need to find a specific piece of paperwork or item. Rather than trying to search through big piles of random paper, archive boxes can simplify your home file storage, so you know exactly where specific documents are stored. Organising paperwork at home is just as important as it is in the office and reducing the time you spend searching for an item will mean you can successfully and efficiently complete tasks.

You’ll also save time when you’re done using an item, because you’ll know exactly where it needs to go, rather than spending time trying to find a suitable place for it. When planning your home office organisation, you should group items in categories and make sure they’re stored together. For example, group tools like a staplers and hole punches together; put writing tools like pens, markers, and highlighters together; and store the items you need to send post together, like envelopes and stamps.

Leitz’s Click and Store storage boxes are a perfect home office storage solution. They come in a range of sizes and colours to suit any interior. They can also be used in other rooms, for example for toy storage or in the kitchen. This can be especially helpful if you’ve found your office being used to store items from around the house. Make sure all your rooms have efficient storage solutions, so the wrong items don’t end up in your working environment.

You’ll Decrease Stress Levels

We all know how frustrating it is when you can’t find something that you urgently need. Whether you need to refer to a previous bill or you need a document for a client, not being able to find what you need to complete a task can cause massive amounts of stress. Once your work from home office setup is organised properly and everything has its own place, you’ll never have to worry about finding what you need again.

In addition to this, just sitting in a cluttered room is known to cause anxiety and stress. As well as having too much visual information to process, you’ll also end up thinking about how much needs to be done to tidy up and get things organised. By tackling the job and getting it sorted, your stress levels will be lowered when you’re left with a clear and organised home office.



To achieve a truly tranquil home office, think about what you want to accessorise the room. Having an organised office doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go for a minimalist design - - unless that’s what you want! When planning your work from home setup, it’s best to include items that are functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. You might want to get some home office plants - some of the best office plants not only have a soothing effect but can also help to purify the air. You might want to get work from home accessories that are visually similar, so they’re easy on the eye. Leitz has different design ranges of office items, like the Cosy range or the WOW range, so you can fit your home office with your personal tastes and interior design preferences. By getting stationery and tools within a theme, your office will look more put together and you’ll have a calm environment to work in.

You’ll Be Healthier

A typical office desk has more than 10 million bacteria - 400 times more germs than you’ll find on a toilet seat. Clutter is also notorious for attracting dust, which can cause respiratory problems. So, it’s essential that you keep your desk and home office clean, to minimise the risk of you falling ill. If you have paperwork and other items strewn about, it can be difficult to keep surfaces hygienic and dust-free. By keeping your office tidy, you’ll be able to thoroughly clean it and stay healthy.

Once you’ve properly organised your home office with clear surfaces, another way to keep your working environment healthy is to use an air purifier. Our TruSens air purifiers can boost protection from airborne viruses, flu and other allergens and also measure the air quality in the room. The sleek design fits seamlessly into your home office, so your setup stays organised.



You’ll Save Money (and Maybe Make Some Too)

If you’ve lost important documents in your home office clutter, like bills, cheques or certificates, you could have to spend more money paying late fees or getting replacements. By organising your home office, you can always keep on top of your paperwork, whether it’s for work or for personal matters.

As well as saving money, you could make money if you sell items that you no longer need. If your home office has become a junk storage room, think about whether you actually need to keep hold of those items that don’t belong. If you can sell them, you can make some money and also free up space in your home office.

When you’re ready to organise your home office, Leitz have a huge range of products and ideas to help, including home office furniture, desk tidy ideas, workstation ergonomics and more.