What Are the Benefits of Sit Stand Desks?


What Are the Benefits of Sit Stand Desks?

More people are turning to sit stand desks to help reduce the issues associated with sedentary working. Sit stand desks can bring many benefits to office workers and those who work at a desk.

Some people may be questioning whether a sit stand desk is really worth it, as it can often mean trading out a perfectly usable desk in favour of one that can stand. In this case, a standing desk converter could be the answer. A standing desk converter is a simple way of turning any desk into a sit stand desk, letting people gain the benefits of a sit stand desk just by adding one piece of equipment to their current setup.

Read on to find out the benefits of using a sit stand desk, why a standing desk converter could be the ideal solution, and the best way of working with a sit stand desk.



What is a standing desk converter?

A sit stand desk gives you the choice between working sitting down or standing up - you simply lift the desk up and secure it in place when you want to work standing. Many sit stand desks are available as one piece of furniture, and with these types of sit stand desks, you will have to buy an entire new desk to get the benefits of sit stand working.

However, a standing desk converter is a piece of equipment that can turn a traditional desk into a sit stand desk. It can be placed on top of any usual desk and then raise and lower your monitor when you need it.

The Leitz Ergo Cosy Standing Desk Converters offer all the benefits of a sit stand desk, with the added advantage that they can be used on your current desk. Our standing desk converters move up and down in their own compact footprint, saving space at your workstation.

Our standing desk converter acts as an adjustable standing desk, allowing you to choose the correct height for your needs. They use pneumatic-assisted height adjustment which makes it quick and easy to switch between sitting and standing. 

Overall, our standing desk converters can be a great solution if you want the advantages of using a sit stand desk.



What are the advantages of a standing desk converter?

There are many benefits of using a standing desk converter and a sit stand desk, which can help improve your health and wellbeing while working.

Health benefits

There are many benefits to health that using a sit stand desk can bring. Sitting for long periods of time can result in back pain, cardiovascular disease, and metabolic syndrome, as well as other health issues. Alternating between sitting and standing helps to keep the body active and strengthens muscles. It also improves circulation, which can reduce health issues.

Improved posture

Sitting for extended periods often results in poor posture. This in turn can lead to problems with muscle pain, with aches, pains, and swelling occurring throughout the body. When you stand, your body is typically in better alignment, which can ease muscle tension.

Another benefit to your posture when using a sit stand desk is that you have the option to switch positions. This means you can avoid sitting or standing in one position for too long, which would usually result in bad posture. Remaining active will help you to maintain a good posture.

Better focus

Using a sit stand desk has been shown to improve focus and productivity. A study found that people using a standing desk were able to respond quicker to a puzzle than those who were sitting and shown the same puzzle.

It’s thought that working while standing can help to stimulate thought processes and memory, thanks to increased circulation taking nutrients to the brain. Another study showed that sitting for long periods can actually have a negative impact on the makeup of our brain, specifically the area that’s responsible for spatial cognition and memory. In contrast, standing helped to improve the area, which is thought to improve learning and memory.

Increased energy

Using a sit stand desk can help to increase energy and reduce fatigue. A study showed that people who use a standing desk reported less fatigue and stress than those who were seated for the whole day. 87% of participants who used a standing desk said they had increased energy during the day.

These findings link with general attitudes that movement and keeping active can improve mental wellbeing, helping us to feel more energised.


Using a standing desk converter can be a cost-effective solution to implementing a sit stand desk at your workstation because a converter allows you to maintain the desk you already have. It’s usually a cheaper option to buy a standing desk converter than buying an entire sit stand desk system.


A standing desk converter is portable, so you can take it with you if you’re moving between workstations. This can be convenient if you’re hot desking in the office and not all stations are equipped with a sit stand solution.

The Leitz standing desk converter is strong but compact, so it can be used on most sizes of desk or table, which can be handy if you’re working from home and want the option to work in a home office and at a kitchen table, for example.

Easy to use

Standing desk converters are simple to use and allow for effortless switching between sitting and standing. As we mentioned earlier, the Leitz standing desk converters have pneumatic assistance which can easily lift your monitor and desk equipment up and down to various heights, so you can work at the ideal position for your needs.

Unlike most full sit stand desks, our standing desk converter doesn’t require any assembly, so you can get to using it straight away and enjoy all the benefits of sit stand working.

How should you use a sit stand desk?

When you start using a sit stand desk, it can be best to ease into how long you stand for. While standing can bring many benefits, if you stand for too long too soon, you could end up with muscle fatigue and aches and pains - which is exactly what you’ll be wanting to avoid.

Instead, try standing for just 30 to 60 minutes a day. It’s usually best to break this up throughout the day, so alternate sitting for 30-45 minutes and then standing for 10 minutes or so. Once you’ve got used to working while standing, you can increase the time you stand. However, it’s advised to not stand for longer than 60 minutes at a time, to avoid fatigue.

Sit stand desk accessories

When you use a sit stand desk, there are a number of accessories that can help to make you more comfortable and work more productively. A separate, wireless mouse and keyboard will help you to keep your arms and wrists in the correct position, both when you work sitting down and standing up.

You can also use an anti-fatigue mat for when you work standing. The Leitz Ergo Cosy Anti Fatigue Mat is made with strong, soft foam that provides support to your feet and legs while you stand. This can help to reduce muscle fatigue and keep you focused on your work.



You could also use a sit stand stool with your standing desk converter. The Leitz Ergo Cosy Active Sit Stand Stool 2 in 1 can be used both when your desk is raised and lowered. It can provide support when you’re standing, while still encouraging movement. The base of our ergonomic office stool is rounded which allows for a rocking motion that can help strengthen your back and core. This benefit can also be used when the desk is lowered, as the stool also rises and lowers.

Are sit stand desks worth it?

Overall, a sit stand desk can help to improve health, mental wellbeing, and productivity. They give the option to seamlessly switch between sitting and standing while working, keeping you active and helping to prevent health issues that come from sitting in one position for long periods.

A sit stand desk converter is a great solution if you want to implement a sit stand desk while maintaining your current workstation setup. The Leitz standing desk converters are sleek, strong, and easy to use, with a compact footprint and intelligent design. They’re the perfect option to keep you moving all day.


Leitz has a huge range of ergonomic office equipment designed to help you work productively, comfortably, and safely.

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