The Best Home Office Essentials You Need for 2023


The Best Home Office Essentials You Need for 2023

Whether you’re just setting up your home office this year or looking to update your working from home equipment, Leitz has everything you need. From ergonomic equipment to organisation tools, these are the home office essentials for 2023.

Sit stand desk

A sit stand desk is one of the best ergonomic innovations for office workers in recent years. It helps to prevent the aches and pains that can come from sitting in one position for too long while also avoiding the fatigue and injury that can come form using a standing-only desk.

The Leitz Ergo Standing Desk Converter is a simple sit stand solution for your home office. It provides a quick and easy way to transition between sitting and standing throughout your working day. Our desk converter uses pneumatic-assisted adjustment to raise and lower the stand, so you can switch positions without wasting time.

Our desk converter raises and lowers within its own footprint, so you don’t have to spend any time rearranging your desk when you want to change positions. Simply pull the stand up or pull it down whenever you feel the need to switch up your working posture.

For the best use of your sit stand desk, it’s advised to use the standing desk for every one to two hours that you sit. This will help you to avoid any fatigue or strain from standing too long, while also getting the benefits of moving your position throughout the day.

You could also combine your sit stand desk with a sit stand stool. The Leitz 2-in-1 stool can be easily raised to provide support when you’re using the standing desk or lowered to be used at a sitting desk. The stool has a rounded base that helps to encourage movement while you work, which can prevent ant stiffness or pain.



Glass memo board

A glass memo board can be a fantastic addition to your home office setup. They provide a great alternative to sticky notes, giving you a sustainable solution to taking messages and reminders without creating paper waste.

At Leitz, we have two options for your desktop memo board – our A4 glass desktop easel and our glass desk notepad. Both are made from tempered safety glass for durability and come with a dry erase pen for you to take your notes. They’re also magnetic, so you can fix extra notes to them if needed.

The A4 glass easel fits smartly onto your desk without creating clutter and offers a large surface to take notes. It can be used flat on the desk or stood up for optimum viewing.

The glass desk notepad has been created to fit tidily in between your keyboard and monitor, so it’s always available for you to take notes. It has a frameless design, to maximise the space for notes and includes a holder for the pen, to help keep your desk neat.



Desk ergonomics

Ergonomic design should be a vital part of your work from home setup. There are a few different tools available to improve your workstation ergonomics, including home office furniture to help improve your posture and equipment to help you avoid injury when working.

Display ergonomics

Where your screens sit on your desk is an important part of your ergonomic setup. Your monitors should be directly in front of you, with the top of the screen level with your eye line. A laptop stand and monitor riser will elevate your screens to the correct position, preventing you from having to slouch or strain to view your display when it’s sat directly on your desk.

Our Leitz Ergo Adjustable Multi-Angle Laptop Stand offers multiple positions for your laptop, so you can find the optimum angle and height for your needs. The integrated hook provides a secure and stable grip, whichever angle you choose, and rubber feet on the stand prevent the stand from slipping across the desk.

Our laptop stands allow for airflow around the laptop to help keep it cool and preserve the battery. Plus, they can be folded flat when not in use, for easy storage or transport. They’re simple to use and put away, with no assembly required.

If you use separate monitors, our Leitz Ergo WOW Adjustable Monitor Stand is the perfect solution. The sleek design has a small footprint, so it’s great for compact desks or when you’re looking to reduce clutter. It has two different stand heights so you can find the right position for you, with space underneath to store your keyboard when it’s not in use.

Additional ergonomic tools

You should also consider what other ergonomic accessories you might need for your home office. When you’re using a laptop stand, you’ll need a separate wireless mouse so you can keep using your laptop comfortably.

You might also need a seat cushion and ergonomic foot rest to help you maintain a good posture while you work. The Leitz Ergo Cosy Seat Cushion fits any chair and helps to improve your posture while you work and relieve any pressure on the spine. 

The Leitz Ergo Cosy Desk Foot Rest is multi-use, offering a stable rest for your feet while you work, to help improve circulation and improve your posture. When flipped around, the rounded base offers an opportunity for active movement, acting as an ankle rocker to keep your legs moving as you work.

Home file storage

One of the best ways to help with your organisation at home is equipping your home office with the right filing equipment. You can use this to file both work documents and personal documents and can easily keep them separate by using a different colour scheme or clear labels. Leitz has a range of filing equipment that can help support your organisation at home.

You should consider how much filing you need to undertake for your home office, and how much you need to access the documents. For paperwork that you want to be easily accessible, filing in lever arch files or suspension filing could be the best solution. You should remember to also get the right spine labels and dividers to help keep your paperwork properly organised, so you can easily find any document that you’re looking for.

For paperwork that you need to keep organised but might not need to access regularly, archive boxes could be a better solution. Our archive boxes are made from heavy-duty, high-quality corrugated card, for strength and durability. It’s also lightweight, so they’re easy to transport.

When you’re filing documents, you should also consider what extra equipment you might need. You’ll likely need a hole punch and stapler. But if you’ll be handling large amounts of documentation, you might need something that can handle higher volumes. Leitz has options for heavy duty staplers and heavy duty hole punches that can make your filing quicker and more efficient.



Home paper shredder

A home paper shredder is one of the home office gadgets that can help to keep you compliant with data protection regulations. Data protection is just as important at home as it is when you’re in your place of work. A paper shredder will help you to dispose of any documents that might contain confidential information, helping you to avoid any data breaches.

Leitz has a range of paper shredders, so you can find the right type for your needs. We have small paper shredders that have a slimline, compact design, perfect for home offices, with anti-jam technology to keep you working.

Our home shredders are super quiet, so they won’t disturb you and they’ll easily fit under your desk or tucked away in the corner of your home office.  They’re simple to use, with intuitive controls that have been designed to enhance user experience.

Our home paper shredders with 23L bin shred 10 sheets at a time and can hold 225 sheets of paper before they need empty. Our 10L bin compact shredders can shred 8 sheets of paper at a time and will hold up to 125 sheets before it needs emptying. For more information on which paper shredder is right for you, see our paper shredder buying guide.



Air purifier

An air purifier is a fantastic addition to your home office and to your home. The Leitz TruSens air purifiers can help to create a positive working environment by helping you to breathe cleaner, fresher air. Plus, they have a sleek, minimalist design so they can blend seamlessly into any room and any interior style.

The TurSens air purifiers has two airflow streams to deliver cleaner air more effectively throughout the room. They monitor the indoor air quality with the SensorPod, which feeds the results back to the air purifier so it can adjust its output as needed.

Our TruSens air purifiers have three speciality 360 degree HEPA filters to target different pollutants – the Allergy and Flu Anti-viral filter captures 99.97% of airborne allergies and viruses; the Pets filter captures 99.97% of airborne pet dander; and the Odour filter captures 99.97% of common pollutants from the air. Whichever filter you need for your home office, you can breathe cleaner, fresher air with our air purifiers.


Leitz has a range of home office essentials to help you keep organised at home.

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