The Best Home Office Essentials 2022


The Best Home Office Essentials 2022

The Best Home Office Essentials 2022

It’s likely that you’re well-practiced in working from home by now. After the lockdowns of the pandemic created a need for people to adapt to remote working, we also saw how working from home can help with productivity, focus, and an improved work-life balance. However, we also saw how having the right work from home setup was essential for efficient home working, including having the best tools and equipment to help.

Whether you’re just setting up your home office or if you’re looking to improve your existing home office, below are the work from home essentials you need to keep organised and working productively.


Desk Storage

It’s incredibly difficult to focus on work with a cluttered desk. A clear desk will equal a clear mind, letting you tackle your work efficiently and with minimal distractions. However, a tidy desk doesn’t mean you can’t still keep your tools accessible. With desk storage, you can organise your equipment so it’s tidy and always to hand, creating an organised desk for streamlined working.  

There are many different ways to organise your desk. You could use a desk organiser, keeping all your accessories in easy distance without them looking cluttered over your desk. Or you could keep it simple with a stylish pen pot, so you’ll always have a pen to hand when you need to take down an important note or reminder.

If you often find your desk covered in documents and paperwork, a letter tray is ideal for getting your desk organised. With multiple levels, you can organise your papers by category, so you know exactly what needs to be dealt with and when. Combine a letter tray with a desk organiser for even more efficient organisation, all while keeping a small footprint on your desk.


Home File Storage

Organising paperwork at home can be a huge job. But with the right home file storage, you can easily keep your paperwork filed and organised, for both personal and work documents. Lever arch files can be perfect for keeping on top of your paperwork – our 180° Cosy Lever Arch Files feature a patented mechanism that opens 180° for wider opening and faster filing. Combine with our range of high quality pockets for even more convenient storage.

Or you might prefer to file your documents with magazine files, for easy access to your paperwork, magazines, and brochures. Our Cosy magazine files match beautifully with the Click and Store Cosy Storage boxes, available in a range of sizes for storing and transporting paperwork and other work from home accessories, making them perfect for home office storage. Both our Cosy storage boxes and magazine files are fully collapsible, so you can save space when they’re not in use and maintain good home office organisation.  

Air Purifier

You can improve the air quality in your home office and prevent indoor air pollution with an air purifier. The Leitz TruSens air purifiers capture and destroy impurities from the air so you can breathe fresh and clean air all day long. With the intuitive display of our TruSens air purifiers, you can also monitor the air quality in your home office, so you know that TruSens is working exactly as it should.

TruSens air purifiers have three different speciality filters available, designed to focus on different allergies and health concerns. The Allergy and Flu filter is perfect for those who suffer from hayfever and other allergies – this filter boosts protection from airborne viruses and allergens, removing them from the air and destroying them with the ultra-violet sterilisation inside the filter.

There’s also the Odour filter, which works to remove common cooking and cleaning odours. This can be great if your home office is also part of a dual-use room and you want to be able to focus on your work without any unwanted smells.

If you have a pet as a home office mate, the Pets filters work to remove 99.97% of pet dander and hair from a room, as well as common pollutants and allergens. The Pet filter is perfect if you want to keep your pet company whilst you work and still breathe clean, fresh air.

Ergonomic Equipment

An ergonomic workstation is essential to preventing work from home injuries and to maintain good working posture. Ergonomic tools that can help you to maintain good posture and work comfortably include a foot rest and a seat cushion. These can help to improve circulation and reduce stiffness that can come from working at a desk for long periods of time.

An adjustable laptop stand is an essential part of your ergonomic home working set up. A laptop stand will elevate your laptop screen to the right height so you can maintain a good posture without stooping or slouching to view your screen properly. Our Leitz Ergo Cosy laptop stand is also designed to increase airflow around your laptop, to protect it and prevent overheating. Plus, our laptop stand has a small footprint, so it’s ideal for keeping your desk clear and free of clutter. Use with a separate keyboard and mouse for the best ergonomic workstation.

Sustainable Note Taking Tools

There are many areas of work where we’re unlikely to ever be able to go completely paperless. To adopt more sustainable ways of working we can instead aim to reduce the amount of paper we use. One way to do this is to adopt sustainable tools for note taking, rather than using paper for notes and reminders that we only need short term.

A glass desk notepad or glass desk easel are great additions to your home office setup. Our Leitz Cosy Glass Notepad has been designed to seamlessly fit between your keyboard and monitor for easy and convenient note taking. The Leitz Cosy Desk Easel has a small footprint so can fit anywhere on your desk to quickly take down a phone number or reminder without using paper. If you want to keep your desk completely free, go for a glass whiteboard to take down notes and plans.

Qi Wireless Charger

To reduce the cable chaos at your workstation, you need a Qi wireless charger for your home office. The Leitz Cosy Wireless Charger has a minimalist design to match every interior, helping to create a calming and productive working environment.

With the wireless charging pad, simply place your smartphone or other wirelessly charged device for quick and convenient power, without the need for messy wires. Keeping your phone placed on the charging pad means that it will always be charged up and ready for when you need to make a call or send a message. Plus, with the energy-saving technology, our wireless charger will stop charging when your device reaches 100%, so no power is wasted and your device won’t overheat.

Paper Shredder

If you deal with a lot of paperwork in your home office, a paper shredder is a paper shredder must-have. With the right paper shredder, you can ensure you’re keeping GDPR compliant with data protection, even when working from home. Paper shredders will thoroughly and safely destroy confidential and sensitive documents and can be used for both work and personal paperwork to keep data secure.

Our range of Leitz IQ paper shredders are available in a variety of sizes and security levels. They all feature quiet operation so you can keep a calm working environment and incorporate anti-jam technology for efficient and easy use. Take a look at our paper shredder buying guide for more information about the right paper shredder for your requirements.


Leitz has a full range of home office essentials for you to create your perfect home working set up. Take a look at our products and find what you need for productive and relaxed home working.

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