The 8 Best Home Working Products to Keep You Organised


The 8 Best Home Working Products to Keep You Organised

Adapting to the ‘new normal’ hasn’t been easy for anyone. Those who were forced to uproot from the office and create a home working space had to navigate partners, children, and pets. With working from home something set to stay around for the foreseeable many of us have started thinking that the coffee-table-desk or fruit-bowl-filing-system might not be helping us work efficiently.

A workstation or office that is not fit for purpose and cluttered will affect your productivity. Below we outline home office essentials to help you create an organised and functional working space.

Invest in a desk

Your desk is the hub for all your activity. Using the kitchen counter or a dining room table is going to hinder your output, especially if you end up tripping over wires. You will want a desk that can handle all your equipment, as well as giving you ample storage and a port to safely funnel your wires.

We understand that having the finances to purchase a brand-new desk isn’t always feasible. However, there are ways to adapt an existing desk to suit your needs. You will want to make sure there’s adequate clearance underneath for your legs. If your desk is too low, you can place sturdy blocks underneath. If you have the opposite problem, raising your chair and purchasing a footrest could be a solution. There are countless ways to modify any existing furniture you have to make it fit for purpose, without breaking the bank.



Minimise paper hoarding

Do you really need to litter your home office with paperwork from six years ago or reports that you already have stored safely online? We live in a world where we can operate virtually paperless, so why not free up some storage by getting rid of the surplus? We understand that some documents may be sensitive. Therefore, to streamline your files get your hands on an automatic shredder to dispose of and recycle documents. 

Maintain order with lever arch files

If there is paperwork you do need to keep, save yourself from cramming it in draws and trays with a lever arch file system. A great way to archive documents that need to remain accessible, level arch files from Leitz come in narrow or wide capacities, as well as an array of colours. Each file has a section on the spine for you to add notes, such as a client name or date range. These can be easily stored on a bookshelf or within a filing cabinet to keep your home office organised.

Drawer organisers

During your busy working day you don’t want to hunt through a sea of pens, sticky notes, and rubber bands just to find your diary. Drawer organisers will encourage you to declutter your drawers and throw out dried up highlighters and snacks well past their sell by date. You will be able to find your office supplies easily whenever you require them.

Laptop and tablet storage

If you don’t have your own dedicated home office, or if you need to keep children’s hands away from your work tech, it might be beneficial to protect your items. Furthermore, it will allow you to switch off with ease at the end of the working day when items are out of sight, out of mind. Purchasing a laptop bag or tablet sleeve to keep your items safe will be helpful when you’re out and about too – when the time comes.

Desk tidy ideas

The Leitz WOW range is a collection of office accessories and storage solutions to help keep your workspace organised. Available in a myriad of energetic colours to compliment your home office, the collection boasts products such as files, folders, stapler, punch and scissors.

However, it is the storage items that will help bring serenity to your desk space. Both the Leitz WOW Desk Organiser and Sound Pen Holder are ideal for keeping order. However, they both have extra tech features. The desk organiser has wireless charging capabilities, and the pen holder can cradle your smartphone whilst acting as a speaker.

If you want to complete the look, the WOW range also has a letter tray, magazine file, and tape dispenser.



Ditch the filing cabinet

Let’s face it, filing cabinets are ugly. Furthermore, they’re typically too cumbersome for home file storage. This is why Leitz developed a Filing Chest and a Filing Case to keep your documents secure and safe whilst at home. Both the filing systems are lockable and have handles, should you need to transport them anywhere. They can also be easily stacked and stored away until you need them. To make your life even easier, we stock a multitude of different suspension file dividers, binders, pockets, and label holders to keep your paperwork organised.

Cable organiser

Whilst cable ties are a cheap way of decluttering your space and keeping wires in order, they can look unsightly. Spending a few pennies on a purpose-made cable organiser will stop you from getting in a tangle or losing your smartphone charger down the back of your desk. They can easily be stuck or placed towards the back of your desk, with ample slots for you to slide your power cables and charging wires into place.

Organisation is key when creating your home office. Too much clutter can be distracting and affect your productivity. Whilst the essentials of a desk, screen, and chair are key, it can pay to find solutions to your storage and organisation dilemmas.

Even if you don’t have an entire room to dedicate to your remote working needs, finding a quite space in your home with ample natural lighting will put you on the right track. It’s amazing how you can quickly cultivate an effective working environment even if you are naturally better suited to office life.