How to Keep Your Christmas Gift Wrapping Supplies Organised


How to Keep Your Christmas Gift Wrapping Supplies Organised

With Christmas fast approaching, you’ll want to keep the holiday period as stress-free as possible. One way you can do this is to make sure your Christmas gift wrapping supplies are properly organised, so you’ll always find what you need when you need it. Whether you wrap your presents weeks before the big day or you prefer to wrap everything on Christmas Eve, keeping on top of your organisation at home with a gift wrapping station can save you lots of space and time.

Creating a Gift Wrapping Station

Your gift wrapping station doesn’t have to be big or fancy - you should create a gift wrapping station that works for you. So, if you love wrapping gifts and you have plenty of space, you might want to set up a dedicated space in your home office or craft room. If you have less space or will only be wrapping at Christmas, you might prefer to store your gift wrapping supplies under a bed or away in a cupboard, and just have them accessible for the Christmas period.

Home Office Storage Solutions for Gift Wrapping

Once you know how much space you want to give to your gift wrapping station, you can decide what storage you’ll need for your wrapping supplies. Below are some office storage solutions that work great for your gift wrapping items.



Storage Boxes

Storage boxes are perfect for keeping your gift wrapping supplies organised if you have less space and need to store them away for most of the year. The Leitz Click & Store Storage Boxes come in a range of sizes so you can find exactly what you need. The Click & Store Cube fits comfortably into most home office shelving units and the Click & Store Medium Box is great if you have fewer supplies to store. Plus, they all come in our three Cosy colours, so you can mix and match and make sure your wrapping station looks pleasant and inviting.  Our Click and Store boxes also fold down completely flat when not in use, so you can store them away when they’re not needed and easily assemble them again when you have more wrapping supplies to store.

Storage Carry Box

If you’ll likely be moving around the house when you’re gift wrapping – perhaps to keep away from prying eyes trying to spy their presents – then a portable storage box is the ideal solution. The Leitz Cosy Storage Carry Box is lightweight and easy to carry, with a sturdy aluminium reinforced handle. It has plenty of practical compartments, so you can easily keep your supplies organised. The lid can shut everything away, so it still looks tidy when you’re not using it. Or if you have less space and fewer supplies, the Leitz Cosy Organiser Tray with Handle works perfectly as a portable storage box for your gift wrapping needs, with plenty of compartments to keep items tidy.

Drawer Cabinets

Drawer cabinets are great for organising smaller wrapping items like ribbons and tags, whilst still seamlessly fitting into your home office storage. The Leitz Click & Store Drawer Cabinet has three drawers with plenty of space to keep everything organised. It also folds down flat when it’s not in use. The Leitz Cosy Drawer Cabinet has one large drawer and one smaller drawer so you can organise your gift wrapping supplies practically. Whichever size of drawer cabinet you need, they’ll be home office essentials that you can use all year round.

Desk Organising Units

If you have a more permanent and stationery gift wrapping station, then a properly organised desk is essential. Desk organising units are perfect for keeping your gift wrapping supplies neat, tidy, and easily accessible.

There are plenty of desk organising ideas for your gift wrapping. A pen pot can hold all your gift wrapping tools and works as desk storage for your other home office items too. The Leitz WOW Sound Pen Holder comes in a range of stylish colours and even has a compartment and sound boosting function for your smartphone, so you can listen to your favourite Christmas songs whilst you wrap your gifts. The Leitz Cosy Plant Pot can be used for your gift wrapping and home office organisation by using it to store larger items – or you could just add a festive touch to your gift wrapping station by using it for a mini Christmas tree.

If you have lots of tissue paper or folded wrapping paper, a magazine file is perfect for keeping them all tidy, organised, and easily accessible. Or you could also use a letter tray to organise your wrapping supplies. The Leitz Cosy Letter Tray with Desk Organiser has a large tray ideal for storing your tissue paper and a smaller tray where you can keep your tags and ribbons. It can also be used for your office organising when you’re not wrapping gifts.



Gift Wrapping Essentials

Below are some of the essential items that you’ll need for your gift wrapping station.

Tape Dispenser

A tape dispenser is a must for easy and convenient gift wrapping. The Leitz Cosy Tape Dispenser can be used one-handed and you’ll never have to worry about trying to find the start of the roll. It features a high-quality cutter that will smoothly cut every time, with no tape wasted.


A good pair of scissors is a vital tool in your gift wrapping station. The Leitz Cosy Titanium Office Scissors are made from stainless steel with titanium coated blades, so they’ll stay sharp for longer than standard scissors. They also have a comfortable ergonomic grip, perfect if you’ll be wrapping for a long period of time.



Waste Paper Bin

You should always reuse or recycle wherever possible, by purchasing recyclable wrapping paper or reusing tissue paper to stuff gift bags. However, you’ll want to make sure you have a bin handy for any offcuts of paper that aren’t useable. The Leitz Recycle Waste Paper Bin is CO2 neutral, made from 98% recycled plastic, and is 100% recyclable itself. It’s stylish and minimalist to fit in every interior.



Gift Wrap

Of course, no gift wrapping station is complete without the gift wrap itself. Whether you choose tissue paper or wrapping paper, string or ribbon, you should try to co-ordinate your items so you can mix and match and always create stylish gifts. You should also aim to go through your gift wrap supplies periodically to clear out supplies that are no longer useable or rearrange items for better storage – you might have some rolls of paper that only have a few inches left and can instead be stored flat to save space.

If you’re setting up a gift wrapping station in your home office or just need storage solutions for your wrapping supplies, Leitz has a huge range of items and ideas for your home office organisation.