How to Keep Your Business Organised When Working Remotely


How to Keep Your Business Organised When Working Remotely

Remote working can be taxing at the best of times. Trying to run your own business from home adds another complex layer to your organisational needs. If you’ve recently made the transition to home working or your home business environment has become cluttered and chaotic, we have the tips below to make you’re an office organising pro.

Get employees on the same page

If you run a small business from home and have a couple of employees, it is important that they follow your rules. If you share a space in your home provide them with the tools they need to keep their work organised. Don’t be afraid to set expectations with your staff, after all, they’re working for you and from your premises.

Each person needs  desk storage  for keeping paperwork, pens and pencils neatly displayed. After all, a tidy desk is a tidy mind. If paperwork is an issue, desktop drawer cabinets can be used to keep your team organised and stop paperwork going astray. A tidy desk space will help your employees (and yourself) work efficiently and productively in a clutter-free environment.



Home file storage for businesses

Whilst we are big believers in going green, we understand that paperwork is an integral part of some businesses. But what happens when your documents take over your office? Paperwork avalanches are no fun, so quit stuffing old files away into cupboards and invest in a lever arch file system.

A great way to store documents that need to remain accessible, level arch files from Leitz come in narrow or wide styles. Our range comes in 14 colours which means you can colour code your filing system or simply add pop brightness to your home office. Each individual file has a section on the spine for you to add details. Lever arch files can easily be stored on a bookshelf or within a lockable filing cabinet if there are sensitive documents.



Be prepared for remote meetings

Depending on your business it is likely that you will need to conduct remote meetings. Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts are virtual meeting platforms that have come into their own throughout the past year as working from home becomes the norm. Having a meeting via a screen instead of in person can feel strange but making sure you and your team have the correct kit to facilitate this new way of working is imperative to keep your business running seamlessly.

To hold effective online meetings you will need to consider:

  • Having your desktop or laptop set up for meetings
  • Do you need a webcam or microphone to improve call quality?
  • Having an online calendar (typically linked to your email) to schedule and book meetings
  • Do you have an account with video meeting software such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams?
  • Is your internet connection sufficient for remote meetings?
  • Can you liaise with staff effectively to avoid conflicting schedules?

Keeping your business running smoothly at home shouldn’t just focus on the physical items in your office. Virtual meetings are a part of your day that will need to happen to remain organised. You can check out our guide on How to Create the Best Zoom Friendly Home Office for more information.

Create a cable-free office

A home office essential your business shouldn’t live without is a purpose-made cable organiser. Whilst a pack of cable ties will certainly do the trick, they aren’t ideal for if you require portability. Investing in a cable organiser will stop your wires from becoming tangled and save you from crawling under your desk when your laptop charger goes missing. Cable tidies can easily be stuck or placed towards the back of your desk, with ample slots for you to slide your power cables and charging wires into place.

Portable storage solutions

If you operate your business from home but have to hit the road to meet customers or service providers, it can be difficult to get your belongings from A to B. Often you can be laden down with heavy bags, particularly if you need to take documents or products with you. Leitz have the perfect solution. Our filing chests and filing cases can keep your secure at home but are also extremely portable when you need to travel. Both the filing systems are lockable, meaning they’ll be safe if left unattended. At home, they can be easily stacked and popped into storage. To make your life even easier, we stock a multitude of different suspension file dividers, binders, pockets, and label holders to keep your paperwork organised.

Set clear company goals

No matter the size of your business, whether you have a team or it’s just you, setting goals helps all to stay on track when operating form home. Distinguish your goals and what you expect from each employee (or yourself) and make deadlines and to-do lists accessible and clear. Detail is key and using a management tool such as Basecamp, Monday, or TeamGannt – there’s tonnes of different software available – will help with project management and communication both internally and externally should you need it.

Before the pandemic very people would have thought you could run a business successfully solely from home. But, today, it is possible. Advancements in technology have allowed remote empires to flourish and teams to remain organised and connected despite geographical distance.



Get rid of surplus documents

It’s all too easy to keep paperwork ‘just in case’. But do you really need invoices from 10 years ago? Can you store copies online instead? Furthermore, wouldn’t it be nice to have some extra storage space?

It can be hard to decide what to do with old paperwork, particularly if it is sensitive. Anything safe can be easily discarded via your recycling bin but investing in an automatic shredder could be best for:

  • Protecting your personal and business data
  • Protecting the data of your customers and service providers
  • Helping you avoid fines and legal action due to non-compliance with GDPR legislation
  • Helping you evade a data breach which could result in bad PR and reputation damage

Paper shredders are not just an investment for your business as they can be used at home too. Not longer will you need to worry about personal documents containing:

  • Your name and address
  • Bank details
  • Utility bills
  • Passwords and PIN numbers

You can simply dispose of any sensitive data safely with a paper shredder. Some models even allow you to shred cards, CDs, and floppy discs too.

The benefits of running your business from home

Running your empire from home can be daunting, especially if you were used to being in a busy office environment every day. Companies throughout the world have adapted to remote working and are now well-oiled machines by adopting the advice we have shared in this article.

There are incredible benefits for business owners and employees when it comes to working from home. If you’re still unsure, why not take a look at a handful of the benefits of running a remote business below:

  • Greater work life balance for yourself and any employees you have
  • No spend on renting an office space and the associated utilities costs
  • Flexibility for your employees which can result in higher production levels
  • As a business owner you have access to an unlimited talent pool to hire from as you aren’t hindered by location
  • Working from home is often a morale booster for staff
  • You and your employees have the opportunity to adopt a healthier lifestyle
  • The opportunity to harness more technology can improve your business operation for the better
  • Trust between yourself and employees can skyrocket

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