Do Colours Affect Productivity When Working from Home?


Do Colours Affect Productivity When Working from Home?

Working from home is the new normal for many people. Choosing the correct colours for your home office can have a huge impact on your mindset and productivity. Everyone is different, but typically you will want to include colours that are motivational and awakening – or calming if you have a stressful occupation.

Colour psychology is a real thing and there are businesses around the world who actively test different colours when planning offices for their employees. Research from the University of Central Lancashire discovered that colours could influence the productivity and performance of employees. Further to this, a study from Exeter University revealed that workers in ‘enriched spaces’ (those with plants and pictures) were 17% more productive than those in ‘lean spaces’ – colourless offices with zero character. However, it was those who were allowed to create their own working environments, dubbed ‘empowered spaces’ by Exeter University, that were most efficient. 32% of those studied were more productive.

Our guide below gives you an insight into how different colours in the workplace can affect people and which would be most beneficial to you in your home office.



What colour should I paint my home office?

Orange is best for activity levels

Interestingly, orange can be a double-edged sword when it comes to decorating. Orange evokes a stronger reaction than any other colour and this could affect you positively or negatively. Research suggests that men do not thrive in orange working environments whereas. For women it can help boost productivity by triggering endurance and enthusiasm.

Red excites the brain

Like orange, red is a tricky one for home offices. The bright hue can certainly capture your attention, but it can be overbearing and is often associated with danger. Whilst it may be a great colour to draw your attention to certain elements in your home office, it could be distracting so use red sparingly or not at all.

Blue can increase productivity

The polar opposite of red, blue is a calming colour that has been shown to slow your breathing and lower your blood pressure. Whilst you may think that this might send you to sleep at your desk, blue is also highly stimulating and will help you get your work done.

Purple for a confidence boost

Throughout history purple has been associated with royalty. Today, purple offices can help give you a confidence boost, as well as heighten your mental awareness whilst working. If you think about some of your favourite confectionary brands, we are looking at you Cadburys, they have adopted purple across all their product packaging for these exact reasons.

Green for a zen home office

Did you know that the human eye can pick out more shades of green than any other colour? This is because there is such an abundance of shades occurring in the natural world.

When it comes to your home office space, green will help keep you grounded and calm. It is also the best colour to use if you suffer with eye fatigue during the working day.

Yellow helps with creativity

Just in the same way that the sun signifies the start of the day, a yellow home office can awaken your senses. Not only is yellow an energising hue, but it can also encourage fun and creativity – great if you work with visual elements such as video or graphics.

Pink can evoke happiness

Unlike its deeper hued counterpart, pink arouses feelings of homeliness and comfort. Whilst not a traditional office colour, vibrant shades of pink are less intense than red but are fantastic for energy and happiness. Long gone are the days of pink being ‘just for girls’, it is fast becoming one of the most fashionable choices for home offices.

White looks clean and bright

Considered the most common and easy colour for a home office, white is a bright and inoffensive shade that suits most business. A clean environment allows for free-flowing thoughts and clear thinking which are ideal for when you’re working. It is best suited to smaller home offices as it can open the space. However, white can run the risk of looking clinical so be mindful of this when choosing furniture and accessories.



Are there other ways to incorporate colour into my home office?

Painting can completely transform your home office but it is not the only way to spruce up your space. If you want to introduce invigorating or calming colours into your workspace there are a variety of different ways to do so. This can include:

  • Coloured furniture
  • Flowers, succulents and plants
  • Soft furnishings
  • Artwork and posters
  • Lamps and lights

However, one of the easiest ways to add colour into your home office without completely redecorating is to check out the Leitz WOW collection. From storage and filing to accessories and tools, the range of office essentials is available in vibrant colours and varying textures to improve your mood and productivity. If you already have a colourful office the collection has products available in white and black too – perfect for those who prefer a muted palette too.

However you plan on incorporating colour into your home office, don’t forget to pick shades that are beneficial to you. Get creative and begin to feel the benefits that colours can bring to your productivity levels.

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