Choosing the Best Ergonomic Office Chair: What to Consider


Choosing the Best Ergonomic Office Chair: What to Consider

If your work involves sitting for long periods of time, it’s important that you find the right ergonomic office chair to help you work comfortably. There are different types of ergonomic office chairs, including traditional office chairs to office stools and even yoga ball chairs. All have various benefits and can suit different ways of working.

If you want to improve your workstation ergonomics with the best office chair, read our guide on what you should consider and look for.

What to consider when choosing your ergonomic office chair

Your workstation setup

When thinking about the type of ergonomic office chair you need, you should also consider how your workstation is set up. For example, if you use a standing desk converter, you might benefit from using an ergonomic office stool alongside a traditional office chair.



The sit stand stool from Leitz can be used when your desk is lowered or raised, as the seat can also be lowered or raised. This can offer some extra support, so you don’t get too fatigued when standing. Our stool has the added benefit of a rounded base, which allows for active movement while you work by swivelling and rocking.

If you don’t use a sit stand desk, you could consider another way you can stay active while working. For example, you could benefit from using a traditional office chair alongside a sitting ball, alternating between the two.

Our yoga ball chairs come in a range of sizes, so you can find the perfect one for your height. The Leitz Ergo Active Sitting Balls feature a stopper function, which prevents the ball from rolling away while still encouraging core strength and muscle movement. 

The way you work

You should also consider how you work when choosing your ergonomic office chair. Think about how many hours you’ll be sat at your desk for. If you sit for eight hours or more, you’ll need an office chair that provides adequate lumbar support.

If you sit for extended periods, you should also consider how you can maintain movement while you work, such as using a standing desk converter, our active stool, or a yoga ball chair. Many studies have shown that sitting in one position for too long can cause muscle aches and pains – so, finding a chair that encourages movement can be a good solution to avoid these types of injuries. Our active sitting ball and rocking stool should always be used in conjunction with a traditional office chair, to ensure your body has adequate support as well as allowing you to stay active.



What to look for in your ergonomic office chair


A vital part of creating your ergonomic workstation is ensuring it fits your needs. So, your ergonomic office chair should be adjustable, so you can find the exact height and position needed for you to work comfortably.

In traditional office chairs, you should, ideally, be able to adjust the height, back rest, arm rests, and head rest, if the chair has one. Your feet should be flat on the floor, with your knees at a 90-degree bend. Your forearms should be flat on the desk with your elbows also at a 90-degree bend. You should be able to look straight ahead and view the screen comfortably, without having to stoop or strain.


Often, it can be beneficial if your office chair is able to move. This can help you to access different office equipment without having to stretch and strain over your desk. This could include your chair having wheels and also being able to swivel, so you can easily turn.

Some chairs might come with a lock mechanism so you can keep your chair in place. You should also think about the type of flooring that your chair will be on. Plush carpet, for example, might not allow for movement, so it might be best to choose an office chair that doesn’t have wheels.


It’s important that your office chair is stable and able to hold your body in the correct posture for extended periods. You should ensure that your chosen office chair is made from durable materials that can withstand extended use. This will allow you to sit comfortably without unnecessary tension in your joints or muscles.

The Leitz sit stand stool comes with a five-year warranty, giving you peace of mind that it will be strong and stable for years to come. The seat is made from durable, 3D air mesh-covered foam that’s robust and comfortable.



Ergonomic accessories for your office chair

Seat cushion

A seat cushion can provide added comfort and support, and also help to lift you to a better height so you can sit at the correct position.

The Leitz Ergo Cosy Seat Cushion has been designed to relieve spinal pressure and improve circulation. It can help to reduce discomfort, fatigue, and health conditions such as sciatica that can come from extended periods of sitting.

Alternatively, there’s the Leitz Ergo Active Wobble Cushion, which helps to encourage micro-movement while sitting. This can strengthen the back and reduce discomfort from sitting still for too long.  It also relieves spinal pressure by minimising the contact between your tailbone and the chair.

Foot rest

A foot rest can help to provide extra support and comfort for your feet, legs, hips and back while you’re sitting in your office chair. At Leitz, we have a range of foot rests that can help you to work comfortably at your desk.

The Leitz Cosy Desk Foot Rest helps to promote a healthy posture while sitting. It has a dual use – it can be used as a standard foot rest with the flat side down or put the curved side down and use it as an ankle rocker. This encourages movement and improves blood circulation while you work.

The Leitz Ergo Adjustable Computer Foot Rest can be used as a foot rocker on both sides,  but provides a flat surface or a rounded surface, depending on how you prefer to rest your feet. You can simply flip the foot rest over to find the best surface and height for you. Using the foot rocker helps to improve blood circulation and avoid aches and pains that come from being still for extended periods.


Leitz has a huge range of ergonomic office equipment to keep you working comfortably and productively all day.

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