ACCO UK Partners with Award-Winning Osteopath to Promote Ergonomics


Anisha Joshi Partners with Leitz

ACCO UK has partnered with award-winning osteopath Anisha Joshi to promote Leitz’s range of ergonomic workplace solutions.

Following the end of the pandemic, hybrid work has become the norm for most businesses. This has created a major growth opportunity in the ergonomics category as workers seek out home office equipment to help them work comfortably on their remote days. To meet the needs of these end users and help resellers boost their margins in this category, ACCO’s Leitz brand introduced a range of hybrid work-supporting ergonomic solutions.

The brand’s ERGO Cosy range provides all the wellbeing benefits of traditional ergonomics solutions but with the needs of the modern worker in mind. The range’s stools, sitting balls, laptop risers, seat cushions, footrests, monitor stands, desktop risers, and wrist and keyboard rests are design-forward without sacrificing function. The range was awarded with the prestigious German Design Award in 2022, and most of its products were tested and recommended by the German IGR - Institute for Health and Ergonomics.

But rather than resting on this accreditation, ACCO and Leitz decided to seek a professional opinion from a UK-based expert. Anisha Joshi, known as @osteoanisha on Instagram, is an award-winning osteopath and a leading social media influencer. Her career has spanned more than 14 years following her qualification from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine. A recipient of the prestigious Principal Osteopath of the Year Award, Anisha has gained prominence for her work with celebrities and high-profile athletes.

A respected voice in her field, Joshi has made contributions to renowned media outlets such as The Telegraph, Vanity Fair, and ITV's This Morning. When she isn’t busy working with patients at Osteoallies Clinics, which she co-owns, she shares tips and insights for promoting wellbeing with her over 20,000 followers on Instagram.

Joshi’s expertise in her field and her advocacy for healthy work-from-home habits made her the perfect partner for ACCO UK and Leitz. ACCO asked Joshi to try out various solutions from the range, all of which received her expert approval. She said:

“For the first time in ages, I’m seeing really good quality solutions that are evidence based to ensure that you’re able to keep to your work deadlines but also keep moving. We know that lack of movement is one of the main causes of back and neck pain. I personally use the Leitz Cosy Ergo range at home to ensure I don’t get any aches or pains. Game changing.

“The Leitz Cosy Ergo Rocking Footrest is one of my favourite, and the reason is because it promotes movement through your ankles, knees, and calves whilst you’re working! This is really good for circulation in your lower limbs and will help to keep your feet from getting stiff throughout the day.”

Commenting on the partnership, Elisabete Wells, Regional Marketing Director for ACCO UK & Ireland, says: “We are so pleased to have our ERGO products recommended by Anisha Joshi who is such a well-respected expert in her field. Our team worked very hard and took a lot of care to ensure that these products function as great as they look. To have such positive reviews about performance from a trusted source is therefore a major reassurance to both us and our end users. Anisha posting about the range on her social channels and sharing her positive feedback will help raise awareness amongst consumers and drive sales to our resellers, which we expect will only lead to further growth in this category.”

See Leitz’s full ERGO range of products here.