Essential guide to home schooling: our tips for remote learning


Essential guide to home schooling: our tips for remote learning

The development of the internet and technology has made home schooling a doddle, it’s easier than ever.  Unfortunately, this means it can come down to a laptop and a  headset with little or no engagement with actual teaching.  Isn’t home schooling supposed to be all about pushing the boundaries rather than some sort of solitary computer-based distance learning?

More and more conventional learning in school is screen-based so why not celebrate the fact that remote learning at home can be diverse and fun particularly for primary school-aged children.   For a busy mum working from home, education can actually be used to educate and entertain children proving that good education is fascinating, absorbing and constructively diverting and occupyingIt just requires a little planning, imagination and perhaps a re-visit to your own school days.  We all remember the lessons which were fun and interesting, now it’s your turn to inspire your children.

Home schooling equipment

This is the fun part particularly for children in the Key Stage 2 bracket!  Colour theme different lessons with funky stationery.  Leitz Urban Chic Stationery makes light work of colour co-ordinating a stationery suite with bold, primary colours which small children will love.  Even those children who are secondary school-aged at Key Stage 3 will appreciate the smart matching look and feel of this quality stationery.  Let the children pick their own colours and decide how they want to organise their work and their equipment, this is all part of engaging them in the learning process.

Involve the children in the organisation of the workspace.  Learning how to organise and structure their schooling area is a really important part of the creative process and encourages them to use their imagination and embrace decision-making.  Children love to be involved as decision-makers and this will promote the concept of education in their eyes.

If you have room, designate an activity area which might revolve around art or a nature project or whatever you are working on at the time.  A Nobo Whiteboard is a great way to set out the days’ activities and lessons and you can use it as a blackboard, encouraging the children to come and write their ideas, suggestions and answers during subject sessions.  Nobo easels and whiteboards are easily and completely portable and can be taken outdoors or moved around locations in the home to facilitate different lessons and activities.


Your mental and physical wellbeing

It is important if you are a mum working from home that you structure your time so that you have enough resources for both your work commitments and your children’s education without going over the cliff in terms of your own mental and physical health.  Children need input there is no doubt about that but there are plenty of tasks they can be set where they work on their own and which form part of a lesson plan that doesn’t involve them walled up behind a screen with headphones on.

  • Creative writing – put up a picture and ask them to write a story about it, this works equally well with a piece of music.  Creative writing is known to flex the imagination and improve cognitive processes and problem-solving skills
  • Quiet creative time with either an art project or nature work
  • Practical works sheets for Maths or Geography

Advice and support

It can be isolating educating children at home particularly if you have to juggle your own work life balance as well.  Join an internet support group for home educators of which there are many and this will give you access to lots of online help, tips and the advice and input of other parents. 

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