Leitz TruSens™ Z-3000 Air Purifier with SensorPod™ Air Quality Monitor, Large Room

Breathe cleaner air with a reimagined air purifier. The Leitz TruSens Z-3000 is designed for large rooms up to 70m2 and comes with remote sensing technology and two airflow streams. Featuring 360 degree HEPA filtration, the air purifier collects pollutants and neutralises odours by automatically adapting to changing air quality conditions in a room. The UV-C lamp kills bacteria and microbes, that are trapped in the filter. Experience a new kind of air purifier that combines science, style and technology.
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Cleaner air where it matters most. Placed away from the purifier, the SensorPod monitors air quality across the room to optimise clean air delivery throughout your space

Automatically adjusts fan speed in response to the SensorPod air quality readings

Leitz TruSens keeps you informed. A colour-coded illuminated ring and numerical value communicates good, moderate, or poor air quality

PureDirect technology uses two airflow streams to distribute air more comfortably, delivering purified air more effectively

The 360 degree HEPA filter captures 99,97 of particulate matter @ 0.3 micron and a carbon layer removes VOC gases/odours from all directions. UV-C lamp kills germs and bacteria that can get trapped in the filter

Ideal for rooms up to 70 m2 with Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) values of 354m3/h (Pollen), 338m3/h (Dust) and 325m3/h (Smoke)

Certified by European Centre for Allergy Research Foundatation (ECARF)

The contemporary design with sleek touch-button controls and integrated handle blend seamlessly into your environment


Code 2415114EU
Colour White
Dimensions (W x H x D mm) 285 x 720 x 285
Power Supply 220-240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption (W) 68
Noise Level (dBA) 32 - 66 dB
Period of Warranty (Years) 2 years
Air changed 2 times per hour 70 m2
Air changed 4 x 60mins 35 m2
Air changed 5 x 60mins 28 m2
Air Delivery Type PureDirect
Air Quality Sensor Type PM 2.5 / PM 10
AQI Indicator Numeric & Colour Display
Auto Mode Yes
Detailed Colour White/Silver
Dimmer Mode Yes
Night Mode Yes
Filter Change Indicator Type Carbon Filter, HEPA Filter, UV-C Lamp
Motor Type Brushless DC Motor
Timer Settings 2/4/8/12 hours
Air inlet 360°
Weight 3.64