Leitz Ergo Cosy Active Sitting Ball

The Leitz Ergo Cosy Active Sitting Ball encourages back and core muscle movement, improving posture and relieving back pain. Ideal for use as an additional desk chair to keep you active while you work, a yoga ball, or for back stretching, physiotherapy and gym ball workouts. Quick and easy to inflate, it comes with a hand pump, 2 plugs and has a durable carry handle making it easy to carry from room to room. With its minimalist design and matt finish colours, this stylish exercise ball chair will improve health and wellbeing by creating the perfect active working set-up. Combine with other Leitz Ergo products for an inviting and flexible workspace that keeps you moving all day.
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Stylish and ergonomically designed exercise ball chair to keep you active all day

Encourages back and core muscle movement to improve posture, flexibility and helps relieve back pain

Ideal for use as an additional desk chair to keep you moving while you work

Use for exercise such as yoga, gym ball or balance workouts, back stretching, physiotherapy and ab exercises

Features a strong and durable carry handle to easily move from room to room

Generous 65cm diameter with a robust phthalate-free inner ball, can hold up to 100kg

Parts include the inner gymnastic ball, fabric ball cover, hand air pump and 2 plugs

Quick and easy to set up by inflating the inner ball with the hand pump supplied and insert the plug

Ball cover can be removed and is hand washable for hygiene

Plastic free packaging

The Leitz Ergo Cosy range combines style with premium quality to create a healthy and active work environment


Code 52790019
Colour Warm Yellow
Dimensions (W x H x D mm) 650 x 650 x 650
Weight 1.92