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Replacement Air Purifier Filters

Clean air matters. Whatever your air purification needs, customise your solution with Leitz TruSens Air Purifier replacement filters.

Our speciality HEPA replacement filters make it easy for you to target the specific allergies and health concerns important for your household. Whether you want to tackle allergies and flu, odour or pet dander, we have a purpose-built filter designed for the job.

All of our TruSens replacement filters provide 3-in-1 protection against particle pollution, gases and germs. Extra filtration systems boost the removal of pet hair and other common allergens, neutralise odours and VOCs, and kill airborne viruses and bacteria.

Available in different sizes for all Leitz TruSens air purifiers, our HEPA replacement drum filters provide 360-degree filtration for maximum effect. Check out the best solution for your needs.